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  4. Ok, I already contacted you and added me, only that it is taking a long time to attend me. It is only that everything is already installed according to your steps. My question is, where can I activate them?
  5. Ok, I got in touch with him, but he still hasn't responded.
  6. Send a friend request to "Knorr#6574" in Discord for team viewer support. We only speak english though!
  7. https://veterancheats.com/topic/70-alpha-cod-warzone/
  8. I bought this last night and it worked perfectly with no issues. This morning I start everything up inject and load into a game. The mod menu works but none of the actual mods work. No ESP, Glow or Aimbot is working.
  9. Buenas tardes! Compre una key, y no se donde activarlo. Me podéis ayudar por favor?
  10. hello please read the cheat manual / watch the video carefully
  11. I've been putting in my username and password correct each time yet it comes up with "username incorrect" in the login of the launcher Not sure what to do
  12. After purchase. You will get access to loader/how to inject cheat tutorial and key license.

    Download Hook RDR2 Loader here: Loader will be given upon purchase!
    Get your key from here: https://veterancheats.com/clients/purchases/

    Before you buy:
    Make sure you check our cheats status page before purchasing this product.

    Veterancheats offers you the best cheats with the best developers in the market, at the lowest price possible.
    Purchasing multiple times from our website will allow you to get access to private cheats which are not listed in the website.


     * Windows 10 (1903,1909,2004,20H2 or 21H1).



    All features are presented in the video!


    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Hook Video:






    75.00 EUR
  13. You need to run a cheat from the admin (but the game launcher and the game itself without an admin) this is the fix
  14. I see you bought Icon You bsod because you dont run the cheat on a usb stick. Make sure to contact our support in discord if you still face issues!
  15. For pro version contact us on discord! https://veterancheats.com/support/
  16. Hello soon the maintenance will be over, we will also add a new RDR2 product!
  17. after i purchase something how do i remove my payment info
  18. hello i was looking into purchasing the red dead mods however its under maintenance would you know when this is likely to be back up and running thanks
  19. when will the rdr2 mod be back?
  20. I have everything off, have used other cheats before but after i inject and try loading up apex my computer gets blue screen with a sad face and restarts.
  21. I saw in a clip of the HL Bot preview video where the unlimited ammo, instant super, no recoil, etc. was only available to pro users. By purchasing HL Bot here will I be getting HL Bot pro? Thanks
  22. Last week
  23. Um yes and the menu doesn't appear overlaid on the game rather is below it.
  24. You can always contact us in discord for team viewer support https://veterancheats.com/support/
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