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  3. Contact knorr in discord or send me ur key via pm: https://veterancheats.com/support/
  4. its updated, please download the new file from the website https://veterancheats.com/files/category/50-back-4-blood/
  5. hi guys can anyone help with resetting cod loader as I forgot my password many thanks if so
  6. I'm trying to use the loader and it keeps saying it's outdated 😞
  7. What is ur discord? i dont think you contacted him
  8. That happends only when cheat goes down for update! How and when you use the key, depends by you!
  9. Tried that; and tried all the other options as well. I messaged Knorr; so just waiting for a response.
  10. when does the time actully start becuase i havent played one game yet but i have activated the key
  11. Yesterday
  12. Resolution must be fullscreen WINDOWED! Contact us on discord for team viewer support https://veterancheats.com/support/
  13. Hell Let Loose; activation code is valid, the program runs and accepts the key. Run the program again and select 1 to load; wait 30 seconds, boot up HLL and the insert key won't bring up the menu. Anti virus and firewall disabled, and network wide DNS ad blocker also disabled. Windows 11 if that maters or not.
  14. The cheats are always good mate and when its back up i will try it again.
  15. Sorry forgot to touch back on this: I used the wrong profile when changing settings in my bios but thanks for your time. I'll be up and running in a few hours.
  16. yea, dont log the main acc on that pc anymore (safest). Play with ur main on another pc from now on!
  17. Didnt had the keys ready! Knorr has delivered you the key!
  18. Well i helped u in discord. Reseted ur password!
  19. Valhalla does not brick ur pc. It didnt start because you did not follow the cheat setup guide! You need to disable secure boot in bios and enable intel virtualization in bios! (Make sure that your partition is installed on GPT not MBR). Then ur windows will start as usual!
  20. Ty for the quick reply and info. If I make an ult account to play with simplex do I need to use a spoofer? I don't don't want to risk my main account getting banned if you could give me the formula to keep my main safe while playing around on a ult that would be awesome.
  21. Thanks mate appreciate you taking the time to reply
  22. It seems to me there's an issue with my boot loader (I hope) otherwise it's beyond the amount of time I'm willing to put into a repair so a fresh win10 install would be in order. I followed all instructions knowing how picky cheats are these days, it occurred after restarting following the login setup P.s I'm curious if my subscription could be paused or extended? This was my first launch of the loader and I've got a lot of (wasted) time ahead of me installing drivers, updates & games Thanks, Take care
  23. asd511


    Does it work on ryzen processor?
  24. Last week
  25. Literally tried the fortnite cheat today, entered my key, and it’s been telling me wrong password for the past half hour. Still nothing πŸ˜•
  26. You need to follow the cheat instructions! 1. Make sure that your processor is Intel 2. Make sure that ur winver is windows 10 2004-20h2-21h1 (not win 11) 3. Make sure to disable secure boot in bios and ENABLE the intel vt-d aka intel virtualization in Bios so you wont have these issue anymore 4. Make sure that your partition is GPT, not MBR!
  27. After try to launch my pc crash and after i can't open menu and my other menu can't be open i think its spoofer do that how to uninstall all the cheat ZERO for COD please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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