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  1. Cheats Status Updated On 03/21/2023 (mm-dd-yy) at 23:10 PM GMT+3: Working: The cheat is fully functional and updated for the latest game patch Updating: The cheat is not updated yet for the latest game patch or its features are not fully functional right now. Testing: The cheat is working but in development, to add new feature or fixing some issues/bypass security. Use with caution because ban might be possible. Maintenance: The cheat is currently in maintenance and will be offline until further notice, in order to fix any ban related issue. Discontinued:
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  2. Currently we are accepting the following Payment Methods: - PayPal (As you know, we had no choice but to remove PayPal from our website, so you can no longer buy with PayPal via website and get the keys automatically, however you can still purchase with PayPal by contacting us on Discord and we will give your key license manually over DM). Send a friend request to Knorr#6574 in discord. - Visa/Mastercard (Available in website for all products). The payment is automatic via website and you will receive the key immediately! (If for some reason you did not received your key or you got c
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  3. Head to our COD:MW2 Store here: https://veterancheats.com/store/category/67-codmw2/ And get started. There are various products for COD:MW2 that matches everyone taste! Every cheat is different and has PRO'S & CON'S. Read the description of the cheats carefully! All cheats are currently Undetected!
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  4. For any misunderstanding! The cheat status thread has been created on " July 25, 2020 " , but we "edit/update the cheat status" every 2-3 hours! for all cheats/games!
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  5. Dear Veterancheats Customers. Our Veterancheats staff is wishing you a Merry Christmas! We wish you and your family health, happiness, peace and prosperity this Christmas and in the coming New Year. Here is our discount coupon for all our games/products! 10% discount! Coupon code = xmasdiscount10 You can apply it in our checkout page.
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  6. I am sad to announce you, that due to legal issues, COD Alpha (both warzone and cold war) will be discontinued 😞 This decision was not made lightly, but was forced by Activision and the products have been removed from the store. The product still works for current users. New products will be added for Warzone & Cold War! Stay tuned!
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