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  1. There is, but it requires you to get a button remapper and to remap one of your controllers buttons to be whatever you choose your aim key to be
  2. I’d give these a go when I have some free time to play but I do have a question: I assume LButton - Left Clicking (based on your explanation) do you ever have issues with it locking but not actually firing your gun?
  3. No. The menu can be opened in any Multiplayer/Zombies (You may need to be host for certain things to work)/Even in a Custom Game. You just need to double check: Display - Fullscreen (Not Windowed/Borderless) and Display Resolution - 1920x1080
  4. Sometimes the game randomly changes your resolution settings. Just having fullscreen isn't enough. You also have to double check that you're Res is set to 1920 x 1080 otherwise the menu wont actually appear for you. It happened to me as well, so I check it everytime I start the game.
  5. I'm having an issue with the tool not appearing when I click the "Insert" key. It seems to toggle on/off certain things instead of actually coming up so I can change some settings.
  6. I know it's supposed to do this. My concern is: it does not do it anymore. It stays on screen the entire time if I run it and does not disappear for any amount of time.
  7. When I first noticed everything from the CoD Alpha pack "disappearing" from my screen periodically, (obviously ESP, the + in the middle aswell) and I wasn't sure if something was up with it or not so I searched thru the forums here first and figured out that it was part of it and was supposed to do it for avoiding "Screenshot AC". But sometime last week when I was playing Zombies with the ESP on (I forgot I had it turned on for Zombies) I noticed that it was no longer disappearing from my screen. So it's kept me from enabling ESP at all. Not sure if it's just something on my end or something