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  1. I only use one monitor and i disabled all of my windows security ALL of it and i have my discord overlays on and yes i contacted Knorr but he is currently Offline and i only have windows defender and all inside of it is disabled.
  2. I used the simplex and entered my key and its fine and tells me to run the game and i run it in the proper way but i press insert but it does not open the GUi or anything
  3. Hi i recently purchased a simplex key and i dont have a Eneio and i did all of the corresponding steps and the gui for apex will not open i retried several times and im using the key on the loader so i dont know what to do and i feel like i wasted my money for something that i cant even use please help.
  4. Hey there! my apex legends atomic loader works perfectly until it starts the game and then i see the starting screen and then crashed i have done what the video has told me to do disable my anti-virus but it does not work and my domain network firewall.