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  1. The "instant respawn" is not working on my PC either. Even with all armor mod removed it still doesn't work, I don't use it on gm or raid.
  2. The aimbot will aim not only at enemies but also at allies. Is there any way to solve this?
  3. Thanks. I am using the pro version. Perhaps one of its features is causing the crash.
  4. My PC still crashes in 1 hour.
  5. I have removed all armor mods and they do not work. I'd rather you fix the crashing problem first. 
  6. Hi, I have the same problem. I don't use weird symbols in my steam name.
  7. I did not use any special symbols in the steam name.
  8. "infinite ammo," "no recoil," "automatic weapons," "rate of fire," "skill recharge," "ultimate recharge" crashes after a few minutes when used. Until a few days ago it worked fine. I do not know what the problem is.
  9. If you use "infinite ammo," "no recoil," "automatic weapons," or "rate of fire" in a pve, it will crash within minutes. No video can be taken.
  10. If you use the cheat, it will crash in a few minutes. Does anyone else have the same symptoms?
  11. Thanks, I changed the steam name and it worked! However, it crashes after a few hours of play. Instant respawn is not working.
  12. Instant respawn is not working either.
  13. I asked this question a few days ago, but for the past two weeks, when I use "Skill Recharge" or "Ultimate Recharge", the game crashes. Will there be a fix yet?
  14. As I reported a few days ago, it crashes when I use Skill Recharge and Ultimate Recharge.