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  1. Hello, I bought the Boomer key and activated it. Now I saw that the boomer key is updating at the moment. I can't use the cheat right now.. when will it be fixed?
  2. Bought the boomer warzone key, but it doesnt work.. any solves?
  3. So we can use them still without detection?
  4. I think they all need to get Updated, Because auf the big update today?
  5. Hello, the Warzone Boomer aimbot doesnt work anymore..
  6. Can you tag me, when its updated, please?
  7. New update and the boomet isnt working rn
  8. In Wz i get a dirext x error and in mp dev error, since 2 days
  9. Yes, it happens after every 20 minutes.
  10. Hello, often when I play boomer on warzone or mw the game often crashes on directx. How can I fix that?
  11. Hello, the Silent aim on the boomer is a way too heavy so I wanted to use the normal aimbot with smooth aim, aiming is working fine, but when I shoot, the crosshair is always going up to the air. Is there any way to fix it ?
  12. Hello, yesterday the cheat worked fine. But today it doesn't work. Everytime I try to start it gets an Error (intl or inject 02 x 3). Kind regards.
  13. Can I have a week key? or is it just able to buy day/month key?
  14. I can't see the expire date it says 'No Information'.