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  1. Did you figure this out??
  2. Can i get get an explanation of what the smooth, prediction speed and in visible aim is
  3. I have this cheat and i just would like a little help with the aimbot settings, can you please just give me a quick rundown on what smooth, in visible aim, and prediction speed mean please! And thank you
  4. Yes , payment has already been made but I’m pending approval, sorry maybe if i started with that it would have been easier sorry i am new to this!
  5. i tried to do knorr i think it is on discord and i checked the link you sent and nothing, i even tried buying another 24 hour key just to see if i would get that faster and same thing. I have not got either key.
  6. first i bought a 24h key to figure it all out and it works really well, went to buy the 30 day key and nothing. no email no key. if they fixed this then for sure they will always get 5 starts but if this is an issue i wont be back
  7. I did and i have everything working, only downside is my ads with is mapped to my left trigger gets stuck constantly, any fixes?
  8. same issue and even with the keysticks im having issues, maybe its the profile?