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  1. i wouldn't be writing for help if i didn't already do everything it asked do you have anything else i can try????
  2. getting "something went wrong" pop up after saying "yes" to spoofer https://imgur.com/gallery/CgQUGlD
  3. After using the rubicon cheat for a while i was no longer able to stay in a game i would get kicked back to the lobby every game after a few mins after reformating and doing a clean installation of windows i am still experiencing the same problem can anybody provide me with some solutions or work arounds so im able to play again please and thank you https://imgur.com/gallery/btwVA2y I linked an image of the message I receive after being sent back to the lobby does anyone know if this is HWID ban or an IP address ban i feel it may be an ip ban but im unsure
  4. So if i reformat will that fix the problem??
  5. Why is fortnite removing me from games ? I have the spoofer activated and a vpn yet i still get removed from every game im i hwid banned some how i never played with out the spoofer or IP banned?
  6. Hey just wondering if the time lost from the rubicon cheat updating will be automatically compensated or if I need to get in touch with somebody to compensate the time lost bought it last night around 9 and the downtime had started at 1:30 am eastern and Haven’t been able to use it since
  7. Any way to stop fortnite from closing when leaving a match or when attempting to return to lobby any one else’s have this problem or is this usual
  8. okay i got past the something went wrong error but when the command prompt is loading the progress after saying yes to spoof it says "loading error 2" any idea how to fix this
  9. i keep getting the ''something went wrong" message after replying yes to the spoofer ive ran it as admin deleted virtual box disabled windows defender and anti virus and have secure boot and core isolation off and never had Faceit/ESEA installed HELP