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  1. Um yes and the menu doesn't appear overlaid on the game rather is below it.
  2. https://gyazo.com/74b4217815ee87cd09796524cd5467f8 I took a gif/video of the issue I have pretty much all of the settings in rust set to off so im not sure if its a setting i toggled off but i highly doubt it.
  3. I've been playing with the Odin cheat for a while now with no issues but recently after being gone for a week I download the new loader and everytime i inject the cheat it loads but it loads behind the game itself. I found this out by putting Rust into windowed mode and sliding the Rust tab down to the bottom of my screen and i can actually see the loader behind the game but as soon as i attempt to click on it or click off of rust it disappears, only reappearing when i click back onto rust. I have checked the steam overlay and its off as well as trying to fullscreen rust and put it back to bor
  4. Hey i’m just wondering if the Rust Odin cheat is external and possible to screen record with OBS without the ESP showing up. Thank you.
  5. Hey I know that it like literally just wiped as im posting this but im wondering whats the typical estimated time for the Odin cheat to get updated?