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  1. No thanks. I just won't go through crypto. I overpaid but I did exactly what was directed and copied the exact amount. so I'm not sure why that happened but I'm not giving my coin base code. Well... Considering the aimbot locks onto dead opponent in elimination, that kind of ruins it for me. It doesn't do that anywhere else though. Try it out yourself, I can't record it. unless you want to screen share via discord. I'm kinda surprised nobody has mentioned this or you don't know. It's strictly a PvP hack so I find it hard to believe that nobody knew about that....
  2. And the problem with that is that the aimbot will lock onto them instead of the person you actually need to kill. and that is a serious problem. By the way, I still didn't receive my key for my crypto purchase yet. At least I don't think so. I finally just bought another 24 hours with my debit, but I don't think I received my Crypto one yet.
  3. No. I'm talking about the other one. HL2 or whatever. When you kill somebody in elimination, you can literally see them in ESP as spectators around their own teammates or their own dead body. It's kinda funny actually.
  4. Honestly, I think that aimbot issue I'm having is only a problem in game modes like elimination. I'm not sure anywhere else, but it is def a problem in elimination. Which is a shame because that basically ruins competitive. I mean... I cannot hit the last man standing, or even the last 2, when somebody that is invisible, is the person I'm locking onto XD
  5. Ok nvm... I figured out the ESP targeting friendlies issue... however, in certain modes, perhaps this is limited to elimination, although I am not sure, The Aimbot will lock on and target people that are dead....
  6. It locks onto dead people spectating invisibly and it also locks onto friendlies. Even when you disable Friendly ESP, it still shows friendlies. I mean both the aimbot and ESP are really bugged and super weird... I don't understand why somebody would code an aimbot to lock onto your own teammates where betrayal is practically impossible and why does it lock onto ghosts? And by ghosts I mean invisible dead enemies that are watching the match from their teammates POV? I don't know... if there is a fix to this or some sort of suggestion, please let me know, but I don't think ther
  7. LOL. I know what your issue is mate. I can help you although it may be difficult to explain through text. Contact me VIA discord and I'll help you out. This issue was quite recent and had many of my own guys having the same issue.