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  1. cheat is called "redux" and it's for the game "escape from tarkov"
  2. Last week i played a lot without crashing and this weekend suddenly I keep crashing , if i'm lucky i'll be able to be in the menu for for than 30 seconds After crash it says "appears the game has been terminated with an error." from the launcher I managed to play one quick scav factory game then it crashed right after, it mostly crashing in menu or while loading into teh game I've tried a bunch of fixes and i have all firewall,ani-virus and real time protection turned off Any way you guys know a fix please and thank you
  3. yeh i bought it yesterday i did everything i could to fix it any never got to use the cheat
  4. everytime i turn the game on after injecting the cheat i last like 4 mins max before crashing it says my game was terminated.. any help
  5. every time i get into a game i move around for a bit then my game just turned off or crashes any help
  6. i have 2 monitors and the chat is flickering from one to the other and it not working the wey it says
  7. everytime i try and load up the jean and launch tarkov my pc just goes to a blue screen a have dose everything in the instructions i need some help.