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  1. Still doesnt work. Removed all security updates. here's my key: pDrtzFtyh4aNiBUEBlyZfb4sCbbnU62jKtNj9gRqk251de0203 my pc specs: i7 8700 64gb ram rtx 2080
  2. I just updated my windows. now its: 21h1 I use Uplay to launch the game, but I did it the same way you said. Secureboot is off, and I dont have any anti malware or anticheat installed. ive started the game without the cheat and changed the resolution to borderless. still doesnt work. I already added you in discord!
  3. Hi there, I've followed the instructions on how to inject the cheat for R6. when the game loads up I can do stuff around the menu ~10 sec. and then the game always crashes and I get a bluescreen.