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  1. i downloaded the app studio, idk what other steps to do
  2. every time i try to load the cheat, i get an error saying "invalid obs"
  3. I use it in nightfall “solo” works as a charm
  4. How does the speed hack works. I set it to 50 but it doesn't feel like its working?
  5. Instant respawn works perfectly with me
  6. Nope, never worked All timr crashing
  7. Everytime i press f5 inside the lobby the game crashes
  8. U tried hlbot on trials everything is fine?
  9. How did u get ban? Rage features?
  10. I recently bought hlbot destiny 2 pro, it works fine 100% but the problem is sometimes the screen freezes and then game crashes “ happens multiple time”, i dont know whats the problem? How to avoid getting banned using hobot destiny 2 pro ?
  11. I have the same issues, it freezes and then crashes for no reason
  12. is it okay to use apex cheat on origin instead of steam?