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  1. Ive used this hack several times in the past no issues. however seems the aimbot and flick or not working is this correct? esp is fine
  2. Ty for the quick reply and info. If I make an ult account to play with simplex do I need to use a spoofer? I don't don't want to risk my main account getting banned if you could give me the formula to keep my main safe while playing around on a ult that would be awesome.
  3. After running into so many hackers in Raids Im heavily considering getting some cheese. I know any hack is subject to detection at anytime but I have a few questions. when was last detection for simplex? as it seem to be the only one not updating at this time. Do the detections seem to form a patteren like every 3 or 4 months? If an account uses simplex for a week or two then stops using it will that account be detected months later and banned? or is it ban only if you have it active during detection?
  4. Downloaded it on microsoft edge then downloaded google chrome and tried it there still same issue that app will not work on your pc
  5. Downloaded the loader when i try to open loader in game as admin it says this app can't run on your pc. I have windows 10 does it not work with this?