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About Me

Found 13 results

  1. So I can inject the hack fine, mod menu works perfect, but when i get into a game, as soon as i press any button, it kicks me off the whole game, im now 7 hours into my 24hour purchase, and still had no help, please someone tepl me whats going wrong!?
  2. I've been playing with the Odin cheat for a while now with no issues but recently after being gone for a week I download the new loader and everytime i inject the cheat it loads but it loads behind the game itself. I found this out by putting Rust into windowed mode and sliding the Rust tab down to the bottom of my screen and i can actually see the loader behind the game but as soon as i attempt to click on it or click off of rust it disappears, only reappearing when i click back onto rust. I have checked the steam overlay and its off as well as trying to fullscreen rust and put it back to bor
  3. I need help please i bought my cheat but have no downloads
  4. I don’t know how to work this site🥺😂
  5. Hey, ive just Brought the Razor cheat for destiny 2, i have activated the key, load the cheat the load the game and go into crucible, press insert and nothing is coming up, my game is on full screen and ive tried to re activate the key incase it was that but it says its already active ... any help would be appreciated, thanks
  6. today i purchased the tarkov cheat for win 1809, i think its called redux. i am very tech savvy and know my way around most things pc related but this has me baffled. i have disabled firewall, windows defender, uninstalled 15 or so other programs from my pc, something is stopping the cheat from working. uninstalled vangaurd, disabled secure boot, had an admin team viewer my pc to try to figure out what was stopping the cheat from working. when i load the cheat and launch tarkov it just crashes, without the cheat the game runs just fine. what could be stopping it from working? anyone have any i
  7. Need help reseting or fixing this problem everytime i enter key in injector it says Failure HWID does not match??
  8. I use a service called SHADOW, it's the same concept as Stadia pretty much. My laptop isnt able to handle high end gaming and through the service I get to link to an amazing PC. I'm wondering will these apex cheats work as I use this? I think technically the Pc I use is a "Virtual machine". I've used other cheats from other sites for different games (BF4) and they worked fine however im not certain about here. I'd appreciate any time taken to help answer my question! Thank you!
  9. Whenever i loud the cheat up i put my key into the 1st loader and when it downloads the new loader it saids, This app cannot run on your PC
  10. it wont let me view valorant cheats
  11. Title says it all. I have it running, I can see the hitboxes of the zombies, and they spawn to one point. But i cant get the rest of the menu to open? How can I do this?
  12. i need help icon will not let sign in it does nothing
  13. i need help with downloading the cold war cheat?