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First of all Thanks Mr.Knorr for helping me out !

Easy to use but not easy to install. This is not a point of criticism, because I think this is not the usual software you use. The criticism goes to the menu or the mouse cursor is always in the way and what I did not quite understand how I move two things at the same time? Probably it’s the software but okay. So far my 2 screen stays away, too bad  ☹️.
In itself a top software! But €100 a month? A bit much, but that is a matter of opinion and not a point of criticism.

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22 hours ago, xbadazzgetemx said:

i've bought 2 of these keys now and we can't get either to work. even with knorrs help so i won't be purchasing anything else

Knorr always fixes the issue (especially when it comes to simplex). What product are we talking about? send me in my pm, ur conversation with Knorr and what wasnt working more exactly, il talk to him and see/check.

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