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Bought cola 24 hrs license and the key doesn't work

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2 minutes ago, Achilles said:

it's been 2 weeks since I've last heard back from Knorr about my key, at this point I just want a refund.


Did you reinstall ur windows ? so we can compensate you with a new key

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43 minutes ago, Achilles said:

And it was a 24 hr key so it expired a long time ago

well first of all you download this iso file: https://www.itechtics.com/download-windows-10-20h2/

Its a good win version!


Also 2nd, buy a usb stick and download rufus software, follow this rufus tutorial:


After you follow the rufus tutorial, it will extract the .iso content on the usb stick and make the usb bootable so you can boot via usb stick and install windows in 1,2 steps! Its really easy!

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12 hours ago, Achilles said:

Hey! Sorry for the very late response.

I reinstalled my windows, however the error still persists.

u need to contact us on discord for team viewer assistance!

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