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10 hours ago, Niko3213 said:

hello i was wondering if my time would be able to get extended like i was told because i didnt get to use it at all bc we needed to wait for the new patch

u mean boomer? what is ur key

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1 hour ago, GeorgeRdam said:

Hi, i purchased a code for vanguard but when i press f2 and insert nothing happens.

Follow the cheat manual again

Make sure to uninstall antivirus/esea/faceit/riot vanguard and disable win defender (also secureboot in bios). Make sure that your 2nd monitor is unplugged and close discord/wallpaper engine and other overlays

Make sure that your in-game resolution is Borderlress, after you press f2 ,waita  while then press insert during game lobby! Menu should popup, if not, then contact us on discord for team viewer https://veterancheats.com/support/

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