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  • The ultimate ARK Survival Evolved hacks

    Are you tired of getting trampled by the animals and your opponents in Ark: Survival Evolved? If so, we have just the tricks you need to help you get ahead. This multiplayer game is great to play with a team, your friends, or even solo. With our Ark Survival Evolved hacks, you will take the modding community by storm. Instead of spending your time leveling up, now you can explore the fascinating environment of the game without risk. Did you have an eye on capturing a new pet but just can’t manage to follow through? With our safe product, all of your goals for Ark are now in reach.


    What is the Ark Survival Evolved about?

    Ark: Survival Evolved, better known simply as ARK, was first released in 2017. This survival game is one part Minecraft, one part Rust, and a whole lot of entertainment. Created by Studio Wildcard in collaborations with a couple of other vendors, this game offers a beautiful landscape set in the wild. Players are encouraged to play alone, or as members of a tribe in the multiplayer setting to explore the ARK world and train their wild creatures.

    Imagine something along the lines of the Godzilla trilogy mixed with Kaiju taking over the world. Instead of giving up, humanity is tasked with capturing, killing, or taming the wild beast in the game scape. Needless to say, Ark is not for the tame of heart and our Ark hack might come in handy at times like this.


    Ark Survival Evolved News & Updates

    Ark: Survival Evolved saw the rollout of update 2.51 a few days ago. While this was just a small update that won’t have a dramatic effect on the overall gameplay, it is critically important. It added key features for players who enjoy ARK on the PS5 as well as other new-gen consoles.

    There was a mesh exploit that was patched in addition to an exploit that let players avoid getting hurt by turret hits. Hove skiff has a turbo speed mode that previously allowed it to be used when enemy players were on board, this is now disabled. Tamed enemy creatures will also disable turbo speed on the hover skiff, by owned, allied, and wild creatures are still unaffected.

    Visual enhancements have also been put in place to make the most of the superior graphics card installed in the PS5. The same patch was uploaded for Xbox last year, but now every new-gen console can take advantage of 4K resolution and 60 fps. That means that draw distance will be improved, god rays will have more intensity, and load times will also be shortened.

    We expect to see more Genesis vehicle upgrades in the future to make it easier to move about the landscape on PC and older consoles. The next big update is probably going to be around the end of March which includes the skiff update, flyer speed adjustment, and an improved Crypod UI. Expansions are on the horizon as well in addition to limited-time seasonal play tracks.


    Ark Survival Evolved cheats scandal

    When it comes to cheaters in online games, there is actually no way to avoid them. In recent days there has been talk of a large tribe of Chinese and Russian cheaters that have been spamming certain islands and making them unplayable. The main issue is no single players trying to get ahead with the Ark Survival Evolved cheats, but large groups making the game unusable for anyone else in that area. Wildcard has cracked down and wiped servers, tribes, players, and even banned people in the past, but only so far as they needed to download the game afresh.


    Ark Survival Evolved ESP

    You can track each creature and even the rarest dinosaurs with our untraceable ESP function and you can also spot real people that plays this game. Hunt down players for enemy tribes, or use the Ark ESP to boost your stealth cage.


    Our Ark Survival Evolved ESP will give you the scoop on hidden structures, nearby people and dinosaurs, hidden loot, and much more. We even support advanced features such as dino torpidity and dinosaur filtering which will help you take your game to the next level. Are you tired of chasing down hard to find alphas only to lose your progress due to low levels? With the right ESP visuals you can track them when you need, any time you turn on the game. You can also stick to taming only high-level dinos and creatures making your dino collection the best on the server.

    Surviving the ARK jungle has never been easier with our object and drop our ARK ESP hack. You can even use ESP turret hacks to boost your targeting game with extra information that is usually hidden. The turret ESP lets you become a master without the fear of getting banned.


    Ark aimbot

    With our super lock-on Ark aimbot, you will never have to worry about accuracy again as you master the wildlands and maximize your proficiency in-game. You can hit players and creatures alike with equal targeting perfection thanks to our prediction system. If you want to come back to a certain section on the map, you can use our waypoint map to easily save and revisit them at a later time. Our aimbot can be fine-tuned to allow you to select head or body shots and maximize your kills.

    With the help of our aim assist software, you can boost your solo games or carry your tribe to online glory. You can be the king of PVP with our aimbot lock-on feature and our impressive melee combat hack.

    So if you are ready to upgrade your gameplay, purchase and download our Ark Survival cheats right now!


    Why you should choose us ?

    We are here to stay. We are planning on expanding and building the best cheating community on the internet. Not only we deliver the best Ark Hacks, but we are currently expanding on other games too, such as Apex Legends, COD Warzone, Fortnite etc. We have split our staff in different departments, so we can take of everything with greatest precision.

    We have our team of developers that take care only of the development and our community team which will always be in touch with you and listen to your needs and help you out. Another aspect of choosing us is that the time on your key starts when you entered it in loader not when you purchased it, saving you precious time. We also take the upmost precautions to let you know when the cheat is safe to use or no. So do not hesitate to joins us, you won’t regret it!