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  • Welcome to the Veterancheats¬†community

    Here at Veterancheats.com, you will find only the highest-quality game enhancers. We guarantee 100% safety with our innovative injection methods, extensive testing, and recurring maintenance periods. We are proud to present first-class game boosters. Getting started in our community is easy, but if you need assistance, our customer support staff is ready to help you.

    The way VeteranCheats conducts business 

    In addition to being one of the most diversified suppliers of cheats and hacks, we offer full support for any of our products, whether owned by us or resold. With our reputation on the internet, we include all related services in the price of our products, such as HWID resets, account recovery, time freezing, and more, all free of charge. If you have any questions before joining our community, feel free to contact us.

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  • How to join us

    Everything starts when you decided on joining our community, you will have to sign up and purchase your first product in order to get access to all options that our website has to offer.

    Once you make your first purchase, you will get the VIP status, access to download the loader and access to the guides for cheat installation and how to choose the best settings.

    Follow the guide, install the cheat and enjoy. Once the installation is complete, you simply open the tool and then the game and you are good to go. Should you encounter any issues, feel free to contact our support staff, they are online all the time, and the answer is guaranteed within minutes.


    Full option: Aimbot, ESP, Walhack, 2D Radar Hack and Misc

    We offer one of the most complete Aimbot/Aim Assist systems for every game product.

    You will get access to functions like:

    • Magic Bullet - Your bullets chase the target.
    • Lock on - You will not lose target of the enemy until he is killed.
    • Prediction - You can hit the moving prey with 100% precision.
    • Smoothness - Makes your aim look as normal as possible.
    • Visibility check - Displays if a target can be shoot through the wall or not.
    • Autoswitch - Switches target to the next one once the enemy is dead.
    • Hold Target - You will keep the recoil on the same target.
    • FOV¬†Circle - Area of activation for the aim assist (recommended 90).
    • Set any aim key - You can choose even mouse buttons.
    • Bone Selection - You can choose the specific bone to shoot.
    • No Recoil - Removes any recoil from the gun.
    • No Spread - All bullets hit the exact same spot.
    • No Sway - Unlimited Stamina, Hold breath, shooting while running.
    • Custom Crosshair - Design your own crosshair in any game.
    • Triggerbot - Shoots automatically if the target.

    Inside the ESP Hack menu, you can choose to see your enemies as 2D boxes or skeletons or as a highlighted model, all of which can be fully customized with any colour from the RBG spectrum.  

    Other features:

    Player/NPC/Loot ESP - Enable Player/NPC/loot display.

    Player/NPC/Loot ESP type: 3D box, 2D box, None - Displaying 2d boxes, 3d boxes, without boxes.

     Player/NPC/Loot name - Enable Player/NPC/Loot name display.

     Player/NPC/Loot distance - Show the distance to Player/NPC/Loot.

    Player/NPC/Loot Esp show max distance - Maximum Player/NPC/Loot display distance and many more to come!

    Our Wallhack allows you to play freely and safely, as it is 100% untraceable. The only risk is your own gameplay; try to avoid looking through solid objects too often and play as normally as possible to extend your ability to cheat.

    The 2D Radar Hack is an external program that works as a minimap, scanning the entire map and showing the exact location of anything you choose in the menu, including players, loot, animals, NPCs, weapons, and more.

    Our miscellaneous features come with our private cheats, which are not listed publicly. You should inquire about them before purchasing. Some packages might include features such as God Mode, Unlimited Stamina, Ammo, Weight, Items, Fly-mode, High Jumps, Teleport, Super Speed, Skin Unlocker, Modded Lobbies, Infinite Revivals, and more. If any of these features interest you, please contact us for more details.


    Dear client, you are our top priority 

    Read the title again. Yes, that's right. Everything we are building here, from the people behind the scenes to the safe and undetected hacks we deliver, is for you. We are planning to build the biggest cheating community on the internet, and that can only be done if we earn your trust and loyalty. We guarantee that our products will make you leave any other provider. Give us a chance, and you will not regret it.

    From our developer team to our customer support team, everything we do here is for you. We are working extremely hard to deliver safe and undetected hacks at an affordable price. We are happy to announce that we are able to do so. We guarantee that once you try any of our products, you will be hooked. Do not hesitate, get yours today!


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