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  • Safe Unturned Cheats and Hacks

    Become a survival master with our Unturned Cheats! 💰Only 60$ for a 30 Days package!💰 Undetected Unturned Hacks  with 2D Radar and Wallhack!

  • A closer look at Unturned 

    Unturned is a sandbox survival game designed by a single person, Nelson Sexton and it was released as free-to-play in 2017. Due to the Steam Workshop environment, the game raised into popularity in no time, gaining an astounding community. Publication websites such as Kotaku declared that they never expected such a low-production game to be so popular. The frame of the game is built on the Unity engine and it is rumoured that soon the game will be launched on Unreal Engine.

    The plot starts in Washington, you get spawned in the ground zero areas of the zombie apocalypse with the single mission of survival. You have to go around to loot, items in order to build your base and craft items. For example, you need to craft a special suite that protects you from radiation so you can loot that specific area. The Coalition is your only ally inside the survival mode, you can work together and fulfil missions for them for special gifts. If you want to practice your PVP skills you can do so in the Arena mode which is very similar to a battle royale.

    The Unturned Hacks can provide you with a first-class aim-assist system to quickly beat every enemy you might encounter. Teaming is a real problem in this mode, and our tool is the perfect answer for those players, imagine wiping out 5 people in a matter of seconds. 


    Paid Vs Free Unturned Cheats 

    There are quite a few differences between paid and Free Unturned Cheats. First of all, you should know that nobody will give you something if they can sell it to you. In most cases, people are just trying to send you programs to take over your PC and steal your data. Stay safe, buy only from old and respected vendors such as ourselves, we are pouring our heart and soul so we can deliver you a top-notch product, at a fair price. 


    How do we stand out of the pack when it comes to Unturned Hacks? 


    Undetected Unturned Hacks 

    We are one of the few companies that released 100% safe and Undetected Unturned Hacks. How did we manage to do so? We have a professional team of developers that managed to crack the source code of the game, hence we can send data to their servers without them noticing. Using our tool, you can even spawn resources from our special panel, but also use aim assist, wallhack, ESP and Radar.   


    Full support for our Unturned Cheat 

    Once with the purchase of our Unturned Cheat, you gain access to our full professional customer support service. You can find us on our forum, discord and emails, online 24/7 ready and waiting to solve any issue, answer any question and give you that satisfying feeling of putting your money in the right place. If you want to get in touch with us before purchasing, you can post a topic on our presales section on the website, and we will try to answer your concerns as fast as possible. 

    unturned hack


    Unturned Hack at a bargain price  

    We are trying to be one of the most user-friendly communities out there, so we decided to put the price of our Unturned Hack as low as possible. For only 65$ a month you can get a fully customizable and safe cheat. If you calculate that is around 2$ per day, a real bargain. The price is small to pay compared to the progress that you are going to do in-game using our tool. 


    How to use the features of the Unturned Hacks? 


    How to use Unturned Aimbot?

    The Unturned Aimbot is also known as Aim-Assist and its’ purpose is to enhance your aiming abilities. To use it you will have to navigate our menu and open the aim tab, there you will find all the good features. Magic Bullet, that chases the enemy until it lands, Triggerbot, that fires automatically when your target is in the crosshair, Infinite Ammo that gives you an unlimited amount of bullets, No Spread and No Recoil, that give you perfect accuracy, Smoothening that makes you aim as real as possible, Silent Aim, Bone Selection and many more features, worth checking out.


    How to use the Unturned ESP/Wallhack? 

    Before going into how to use Unturned ESP and Wallhack, you should know that they are the exact same thing, just the people call this system different names. Same way as the aimbot the ESP can be activated from the cheat menu by simply clicking the option on and off. If you want to see specific loot, click it and you will see the piece of loot, if you want to see vehicles you can choose to do so. Other important features that can be found in the wallhack menu are, names, distances, loot, stats, load out and many more. 

    untured cheats


    How to use the Unturned Radar hack? 

    The Unturned Radar Hack is a different product that works as a sonar which scans the entire map and then displays all the information on an extra map. It can be used from the menu again by clicking on it, the options are very intuitive and easy to understand. 


    How to buy Unturned Cheats? 

    You will have to register an account on our forum, first of all, so we can keep track of your purchase. Once you did that you can head out to our store section and buy Unturned Cheats, then cash out via one of our payment methods (Cards, Crypto, Paypal, Alipay, Giropay and many more). Now that the payment is confirmed, you will get access to the guides and loader, follow the guide for installation and you are good to go. Should you encounter any issues, please contact anyone from our support staff, they will do at your request remote control help to speed up the installation process. 


    About our Unturned hacks functions

    Whenever a game becomes popular, the game cheats soon emerge. Unturned is no exception. Whether you're too impatient to wait for the epic weapons and vehicles or want a little extra help in the aiming department, you can explore the numerous Unturned hacks we provide with the following functions:

    There are dozens of exciting items in-game. But, they are often missed by players. You would have to spend hours playing just to get the best items or weapons. With our Item and Loot ESP, you can show a variety of in-game items, as well as their distance, type, and point size. This can give you a tremendous advantage, especially if you can see the hidden gems, which are one of the difficult items to find, especially if you want to dominate PVP and zombies effectively.

    With our weapons ESP, you can find rare items that are hard to spot on the map. You won't have to spend 400+ hours grinding to mythic or legendaries. Alternatively you can take a look at our RUST hacks if you are a fan of Survival games, however unlike this game, RUST is a lot more slower and grindy, so tread carefully. We did not implement any Unturned aimbot function on our Gary cheat at the moment, because we want to keep your account safe for a long time!