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  • Dominate the competition with our Bloodhunt hack

    The most recent entry in the Vampire: The Masquerade franchise, Bloodhunt has quickly become a fan favorite. Combining a massive Battle Royale style videogame with the real world streets and landmarks of Prague, with a sprinkle of vampire lore mixed in for good measure, there’s no other game on the market like this one right now.

    At the same time, this brand-new title is already filling up with players that are dominating the leaderboard. Some of these players are flat out legitimate superstars in the Battle Royale space, but others are already using our Bloodhunt hack to get an edge and advantage over the rest of the competition.

    If you don’t want to find yourself becoming cannon fodder for these players you’ll need to not only learn the ins and outs of how to win in this game, but also how to unlock the cheats for yourself. We cover all of that below. Let’s jump right in!


    Start your Bloodhunt rounds with Heightened Vision

    One of the most important things you can do at the beginning of every Bloodhunt round is fire up your Heightened Vision ability. This is going to give you almost x-ray vision of the map straight out of the gate.

    You’ll be able to spot important Points of Interest (POIs), valuable weapons and loot, key consumables, and take note of all NPC locations. That kind of intelligence can change the outcome of a round right from the first few seconds.

    Bloodhunt hack

    Keep an eye out for caches of supplies you can raid, come up with ambush spots that use and PCs to help you out, and plot and plan where you think your enemies are most likely going to pop out from.


    Leverage Archetype Abilities

    Archetype abilities are available to all characters in Bloodhunt, with six to choose from at launch.
    The Brute and Vandal archetype abilities are offensive minded whereas the Saboteur and Prowler are more focused on stealth. Then you have the Siren and Muse archetype abilities that are more support than anything else (great when playing teams, but not so hot when you are soloing).

    Learn the ins and outs of the archetype abilities (you get two of them per class, one mapped to the Q key and the other mapped to the E key) so that you can deploy them effectively. Remember that they have a cooldown timer before you can fire them up again, though.


    Bloodhunt aimbot

    This isn’t necessarily a cheat by any stretch of the imagination, but it’s a hugely important fundamental tactic you’ll want to focus on every single minute of every single round.
    Bloodhunt allows for a lot of verticality (A LOT of verticality) and you don’t want to find yourself on the low ground any more than absolutely necessary.


    Get up in the rooftops of Prague, give yourself advantages over players and NPCs, and use the extra space to recon your next move as well.
    You’ll learn pretty quickly that (aside from having a powerful Bloodhunt aimbot) nothing stacks the deck in your favor more than posting up on the high ground, denying your enemy lightweight, and just wreaking havoc on them from above.

    Seriously. The amount of fights that you’ll be able to win when you have high ground versus your opponents, when everything else was stacked against you, will be almost unbelievable.


    Steer clear of the entity with our Bloodhunt cheats

    If at all possible you want to try and avoid groups of NPCs called The Entity. These NPCs are littered all over the place and are loaded for bear. Superpowered, super resilient, and only interested in one thing, dropping you as quickly as possible and then moving onto the next player foolish enough to get near them, you’ll have a tough time taking them out more often than not.

    You might be able to tilt the odds in your favor a little bit when you are running in Bloodhunt as a team. But as a solo operator you need to make sure that you are steering clear of these NPCs whenever possible. Unless you want to run a quick raid and snatch some real powerful loot (just recognize the risks before you do), this is where you need our Bloodhunt cheats so you can perform at your max potential.


    Ressurect your teammates when you can

    Sometimes this feels like a Bloodhunt hack function (even if it isn’t), but having the ability to bring back your teammates through resurrection is a next level tactic. You’d be amazed at the amount of players that leave their debt teammates by the wayside, never bringing them back and even rarely pulling them up from a downed state.

    Don’t make that same mistake. Rez your teammates whenever you have the chance to pull it off. Find their white crosses, look for their aura, and hammer the F button until you’re able to revive them completely. Just be sure that you clear the area before you start the resurrection.

    You’ll be 100% vulnerable when you start the resurrection process all the way up until your teammates are brought back so make sure to check beforehand with our Bloodhunt wallhack feature to see if there's any enemy in vicinity.


    Bloodhunt ESP product!

    Lastly, it’s never a bad idea to get your hands on some of the best Bloodhunt ESP cheat design in the market, and other functions available on the market today, especially if you find yourself and really competitive matches.


    Of course, you have to find 100% legitimate hack options (that means figuring out where to buy Bloodhunt hacks from people you can trust). But once you do, and once you fire them up, you’ll figure out pretty quickly why so many people won’t even load up this game without some hack tools running in the background.

    Our Blood hunt ESP feature will give you the Heightened Vision ability pretty much 100% of the time. That alone is a powerful force that gives you a chance to spot the resources you need to win as well as NPC and player character enemies. And as far as the aimbot tools are concerned, everybody could use a little help with their aim in multiplayer shooter games like this one.

    You’ll be able to figure out the perfect amount of “help” you’re looking for with aim tools that slide between no help at all and 100% autopilot, letting you dial in the perfect amount of assistance you want without taking all the fun out of this game completely.

    Use the inside information highlighted above and quality products from Veterancheats and you’ll be able to dominate this Battle Royale style game right from day one!


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