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  • SCUM Description

    SCUM was released as early access in 2016 and is categorized as a survival multiplayer riot in jail game. The story itself is very entertaining, it is set in a not-so-far future in which the governments are controlled by rich people behind the scenes who just want to have fun. The Tec 1 island was created in which 64 prisoners are thrown out of the plane with limited resources and with a single mission, to survive, earn their freedom and increase their fame.

    In the crafting aspect, the game is very similar to RUST, you need to build a base, you can add a lock to it so nobody will be able to enter, and build a bed in which you can rest to regain your strength. When you need to go around the map and gather resources our SCUM Hacks will display every item possible to be looted, significantly increasing your progress compared to a player without our tools.

    The game has a system in which the stats you choose influence gameplay too. If you choose a dexterity build, you will have more stamina and run faster but will be less durable when you fight. If you choose a strength build you will be able to carry more and hit harder. If you choose a constitution build you will move harder but will be way more durable. You should know that if you use our tool you will be able to add extra points to your stats and create the perfect load-out ready to take over the map. 


    What should you know before you choose to buy SCUM Cheats?


    1. Undetected SCUM Cheats  

    We have one of the best development teams out there. They have been fighting against the Easy-anti-Cheat system for years and have always managed to come out on top. With so much work and effort put into our cheats, they are truly undetected and 100% safe to use.


    2. Full support for our SCUM Hacks 

    Even before purchasing you are able to receive full support, via the presales topic on our forum, you can ask there any questions related to any of our products. After you purchase your favourite tool, you can get in touch with any member of our support staff if you encounter any problems. We also added complete guides for installation and settings for those who know how to cheat. 


    3. Up-to-date SCUM Hack

    We are doing constant updates to our product. If you do not want to get caught in one of those updating periods, we recommend checking the cheat status page before using any of our products. When the status is marked with green as working, then the cheat is 100% safe to use.


    4. Best price/quality ration SCUM Cheat

    We have several packages on our website, but the best deal is the monthly one at only 90$ per month, which comes as 3$ per day. You should know that we also have a private cheat with all the crazy features possible for only 6$ per day or 180$ per month. You should keep in mind that these are the prices for a fully untraceable tool because if you get banned is pointless, you will lose all your progress. 


    Why Free SCUM Cheats are a scam? 

    First of all, you should know that the development of hacks is a difficult and time-consuming process, you need to be a very skilled individual in order to bypass even a basic anti-cheat system such as EAC. If you would be such a guy, would you give away for free the SCUM Cheats? The answer is no. People who claim to give you something out of the kindness of their own hearts, are in most cases bad people who try to harm you or simply make fun of you. Keep yourself safe from such bad actors, buy from an old and respected supplier such as ourselves.


    What SCUM Hacks can you find on our website?


    Customizable SCUM Aimbot 

    On our forum, you will find a fully customizable SCUM Aimbot with all the features needed to outgun everyone in every scenario. One of the best features is the Infinite Ammo which gives you access to an unlimited amount of bullets so you can beat everyone. Special selection key for aim-assist to hit only zombies, puppets, animals or players. Magic Bullet is like a heat seeker missile, chasing the enemy until the shot lands. No Recoil which gives you laser-like aim, No Sway which gives you unlimited stamina and holds steadiness. Other marks: No Spread, Prediction, Humanized aim, Bullet Burst, Trigger Bot and many more you should check out for yourself. 


    Complete SCUM Wallhack/ESP 

    Many people do the mistake of considering the Wallhack and the ESP to be two different aspects of our product, but that is not the case. They both work together and complement each other perfectly. 

    scum hack

    The SCUM Wallhack opens your horizon giving you a 360-degree vision through any kind of obstacle, walls, bases, trees, buildings, vehicles and many more. 

    And the SCUM ESP helps you understand the information that you see, as everything can get chaotic pretty fast you will be able to hold it together and use both of them to their full potential. You should know that you can see the items, players, and animals, based on distance, size, and category.

    scum esp

    You can choose with what colour to see any specific piece of loot. If you want to focus just on the PVP aspect of the game, you can see player names, distance, loot, load-out, stats and many more. If you want to build your base as fast as possible you can use only the LOOT ESP option and it will highlight only the base building materials.


    External SCUM Radar Hack and Speed Hack

    We choose to sell our SCUM Radar Hack as a separate tool. It works as an extra map that displays any intel of your choosing. If the ESP is based on distance, the radar scans the entire map and shows you the location of enemies, loot, vehicles, animals and so on.

    scum cheats

    Since it is external it can be even used on a different PC and link it to your game and the best part is that nobody will know that you cheat, no packages will be sent from your PC to the game server. It is great to be used together with the SCUM Speed Hack, as the radar shows you the location of a specific item and you can move to it in a matter of seconds even if the item is on the other side of the map.