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  • Valorant Hacks Cheats with Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, Bunny Hop, Radar Hack and more features!

    Veterancheats is the best place for working Valorant hacks 💥 You can buy Valorant Cheat with top notch security, ESP and aimbot with vanguard spoofer included in package. We are confident in presenting you the best Valorant cheats in the market.

  • Our Valorant hacks easily bypass Vanguard anti cheat!

    The game makes everybody so eager to acquire a version one way or another so they can join the cyber bandwagon and see what the fuzz is all about. Riot Games have been making a tremendous hype for this game to the point of claiming that it is virtually hack-proof! That is primarily due to the Vanguard anti-cheat software, which is required to run in the background for Valorant to operate simultaneously. However, we can say that Riot Games may have spoken too soon. That's because our Valorant Hacks is backfiring on their ideology.


    Valorant Gameplay and New updates discussion

    Valorant! It's the new buzz in town from Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends. Although the game is still in its infancy, it has already attracted multitudes of beta testers, and of course, hackers as well! At this time, it is free-to-play but is only available on PC, with other platforms like the console to be announced soon after beta testing.

    Valorant is a 5v5 (five players versus five players) first-person-shooter tactical game in the likes of Counter-Strike: Go and Overwatch and mixed with a little of Apex Legends. The game requires precision gunplay and features characters with supernatural capabilities and weapons. It offers extreme responsiveness and promises to be a highly-charged esport.

    Our latest reports say that Riot Games have finished Beta testing on Valorant, and, as mentioned earlier, is available on PC with Console play to follow soon. The same reports also say that a group of popular video streamers and gamers like Shroud have signed up with the crowd. Make sure to checkout our latest Warzone hacks products also, in case you are waiting for Valorant updates.


    So do we have working Valorant cheats at the moment ?

    At this time, we are initially offering our Valorant cheats which include the common features that are available for multiple games. For those not sure or unfamiliar with the upgrades, here is a quick description of both.

    Our Undetected Valorant hack comes with a working Valorant spoof to prevent you from getting full Hardware ID ban from the vanguard anti-cheat system. So every time you get a suspension, you can just spoof for free and you can play Valorant again. Also, we have recently added a new Valorant spoofer which completely remove your HWID Flag and make you able to play this game again without worries!


    Valorant Aimbot

    Our Valorant Aimbot assists the player in making dead-on accurate shots every time by mitigating aim sway and scatter shots. It assures you to consistently and quickly acquire targets with optimal precision and deadly results.


    Valorant ESP

    Our Valorant ESP is a feature that enables the player to locate enemies by enhancing situational awareness, thereby allowing you to avoid random encounters or eliminate opponents by surprise and speed.

    valorant hack


    Is Valorant aimbot safe to use ?

    Most importantly, check that the Valorant cheat you intend to use is labeled "UNDETECTED" on our web page. If it is, you can then use the cheat safely and circumvent software-based sanctions.

    Also remember that aside from software-based sanctions, valorant hackers also risk personally getting banned. That occurs when their gameplay is detected with a cheat program that is in use. Most of the time, that is due to abusive aimbot use.

    valorant cheats

    Therefore, we highly recommend avoiding aimbot use as much as possible. Now, in case you want to use aimbot, you would want to turn the aimbot settings down some to avoid unwanted attention. Our Valorant aimbot provide you the possibility to do precisely that.

    You can tune the aimbot settings to make it look as legit as possible. Lately we have decided to bring you undetected Overwatch 2 hacks to the table with the best aimbot in the market, with high uptime and zero detection.


    Top four reasons Veterancheats is the best Valorant hack provider and distributor for EU/NA

    1. We make it a point that your access begins the moment you activate your license key, and the Valorant hack is already operating on your computer. It does NOT start from the moment of purchase. That also ensures that our customers do not lose time in case problems occur during installation and initial use.

    2. We offer unparalleled customer support available 24/7! That means you are assured of fast and consistent assistance on any issues, queries, or suggestions regarding the product and its uses. Remember that it is our continuing goal to make our users happy. You can contact Blaze or our supporters by ticket system in discord. They will happily answer your questions.

    3. Our track record shows that we have the safest hacks in the industry. We have the lowest incidents of detections, and should they do occur, we make sure to inform our users at the earliest opportunity to avoid sanctions. We can do that via our automatic detection's system, daily stress tests, and updating our cheats status webpage multiple times daily.

    4. We are fully committed to our customers and aim to provide top-quality products consistently all the time. Unfortunately, the industry is filled with fly-by-night hack providers that only exist to make a fast buck. These are usually entities with a dubious reputation who hire the cheapest free-lance programmer available just to come up with an inferior product.

    At Veterancheats.com, we will continuously strive to gratify our users by developing products and facilities that are unparalleled in the industry. We intend to remain as a leader in this business for a very long time and keep our customers as partners in growth.


    Do we provide lifetime access?

    Unlike several hack providers who prefer lifetime access with a one-time fee, we try to avoid that completely. We believe that those options eventually become more expensive in the long run because of constant bans as well as the necessity to regularly boost the Valorant accounts in rankings.

    Top-quality, undetected Valorant esp hack need consistent development and maintenance! That is the primary reason we cannot offer our enhancements with a single fee.


    About our Valorant spoofer

    Visit our Veterancheats online store, select the enhancement package that you want, and proceed with the order. After the purchase, you will get your own license key, an installation guide and access to the loader as well. Make sure to checkout our Valorant spoofer as well so you can get the full package! and not worry about getting banned in Valorant anymore. You can abuse our tool as you please and get banned as many times you want, since our Valorant spoofer tool will help you in clearing any HWID Ban immediately.

    It's that easy, and in case you require any assistance, you can contact us anytime.

  • About Veterancheats: 

    Veterancheats is a new a cheating community and our primary goal is to distribute you working FPS Online Shooters Hacks that actually works and once you buy you will get access to your key license and loader instantly. Our Support Staff is still new, however they will do their best to follow our standard procedure and support you with any issue you might have or if you have questions regarding a cheat before purchasing it. We do not like to brag as we are open minded, but unlike many cheat sellers around, we are going to be blunt with you. If a software gets detected, we will announce immediately in website and discord and change the cheat status. The detection of our public cheats are most likely to occur within a certain timeframe, so we will recommend you to buy eligible and working spoofers in order to remove your HWID Ban or Shadow ban. We have added day key products so you can have a taste of our products before deciding which product is the right one for you. The Private and more expensive cheats will be available as well and they last much longer. Our forum will be open to everyone and you can take a look at what our users opinions or reviews regarding the cheats. Is possible to open a website ticket here: https://veterancheats.com/support


    Reasons to purchase from our website:

    💠Once you buy, you will get access to our Private VIP area and we show you how to remove Shadow and HWID ban with our Spoofer products. We have one spoofer for EAC/BE and one for Vanguard in order to remove your permanent shadow ban.
    💠 If the game updates. Most of our cheats will require only few hours at most to be updated.
    💠 Open Forum for everyone so you can take a look at our FAQ Sections and customers reviews. You are also able to open a thread regarding your general questions, if you are still undecided regarding a cheat or if you face problems.
    💠 We have fully written manuals with "how to inject" tutorial and even video links so you can learn how to setup the cheat in orer for it to work on your PC/OS Version. Some hacks will require you to have different "versions of Windows 10" so read the manuals carefully.
    💠 Your time will be frozen when cheats are offline. The time will be compensated for all users during the downtime.

    Reasons to buy this product:

    💠 This product has high uptime and during game updates, it only take 2-4 hours for update to be complete.
    💠 The "Private Chams" Product comes with unique private build per user/customer that can protect you from Hardware Ban in case you already had bad experience's with other valorant esp hacks.