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  • 🥇Caliber Hacks & Cheats

    Become the newest dominator in Caliber with our Hacks and Cheats. Created shortly after the game releases our products will give you access to unflinching Aimbot, ESP and Wallhack, all under the protection of our Stream Proof Bypass.

  • Caliber Hacks 

    Caliber is a team-oriented game, a third-person tactical shooter and the best part about it is that it is free to play. It is based on all the special forces from all around the world. You get the chance to play with more than 60 operators, some of which have the assault class, which is the best for flanking your opponents and initiating offensive and The Medic which is the best for reviving and healing your opponents, but unlike other games, where the medic is actually excellent in close and medium range combat. The Marksman is the best for long-range combat. The Support with a high HP gauge, ready to protect his allies and disrupt the enemy’s offensive. There are several game modes both PVP and PVE. 

    Despite the game being in its early stage, our developer team has already created viable Caliber Hacks. As we have proved time and time again, we are the pioneers in cheating technology since 2020 and we want to deliver only the best product for you, our beloved customer. 


    The features of Caliber Cheats 


    Caliber ESP and Wallhack 

    The game engine that Caliber is based on, allowed us to add exclusive features to our ESP system. Starting with the visuals, you can see your enemies as ESP Boxes or as a skeleton with any colour. You can see the enemy’s head hitbox as a circle. Caliber ESP can also show the distance of your enemy in comparison to yours. You can see their roles and other important information such as the health bar.

    The Caliber Wallhack comes as the finishing touch for the ESP system. It enables you to check for the enemy’s location through any obstacle. It comes together with the Visibility Check function, which can be used to see if an enemy can be shot through the wall or not. 


    Caliber Aimbot  

    The Caliber Aimbot is packed with all the features you can dream of. Starting with the basic ones such as Enable Aimbot button to Prediction Shoots. You can use Draw FOV Circle, inside which the cheat activates. Other notable features are smoothness, which makes your aim looks as humanly possible, while still landing all your shots on point. The trigger bot will activate automatically when the target is within your FOV Circle, removing any delays. Magic Bullet will pass through any object landing on your opponent. No Recoil, No Sway that will allow you to hip fire with maximum accuracy. 


    The Caliber Radar Hack  

    The Caliber Radar Hack works the same way as the ESP but without unnecessary risks. When you are using the ESP you might be tempted to watch through the wall in advance to see your opponent’s location. With the Radar Hack, you will remove this risk. The information related to your enemy will be displayed on an extra mini-map which is stream proof. 


    Top-notch support for Caliber Cheats 

    Another question you might be wondering yourself. If you buy your Caliber Cheats, will you get the help you need to install them? The answer is yes. You will get help from us even before becoming our client. We are here 24/7 and ready to guide you through the process of installing the product and fix any trouble that might rise on the horizon. You should also know that any HWID Reset, Account recovery, time extension, or remote-control help is free of charge. 


    Best price-quality ratio for the Caliber Hack 

    If you are in the market for a good and cheap Caliber Hack, then you have come to the right place. Our prices are the lowest on the market when it comes to products for this game and if you heard about us, then you know that we are doing our best to deliver undetected and easy-to-use. Our package comes in quite a few versions. A 24 Hours one, a 7 Days and a 30 Days, with the price beginning from 4$ up to 70$. This is a small price to pay for a complete product that will help you cheat without any consequence. Another good thing is that the game is using Easy Anti-Cheat, also known as EAC, for its protection. We already have a solid ground against this system and we can bypass it with little effort, therefore you can cheat all day without a care in the world. 


    How to instal the Caliber Cheat 

    Like in the case of all the hacks, if you want to instal our Caliber Cheat, you can do so by uninstalling any antivirus or Guard such as ESEA or FaceIT, as they will get in the way of our injection process, resulting in you getting banned. After that, you have to turn off the firewall and anything else that could block the connection of our product to its’ database. Once you completed these steps all you have to do is go to our downloads section on the website and get the loader. Simply run the loader, then open the game and you are good to go. The activation key for all our products, not just the Caliber Cheat, is the INSERT key on your keyboard. You can save your settings and use them the next time you log in. If this material did not convince you yet, join our forum today, create a topic, ask for a test key and see for yourself if we hold up to our word. We guarantee you will not regret it.