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  • Be the Last Player Standing with this Call of Duty Warzone Guide

    This guide will cover all details, from the best map drop locations to general and common tips, the gulag and many more!

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  • The ultimate Call of Duty Warzone guide

    To the surprise of absolutely no gamer, Call of Duty absolutely smashed their Battle Royale game mode – Warzone – right out of the park! 100% free to play and available to anyone and everyone, even if they haven’t purchased any Call of Duty games in the past, this game mode drops up to 150 players into a single round with everyone fighting to be the last player standing.

    Along the way you’ll pick up loot, more powerful weapons and cold hard cash used to upgrade your squad or revive your downed teammates. Every gunfight you when gives you a chance to pick up even more powerful weapons, but you can also order your custom loadouts to be dropped by an airlift if you gobble up enough cash and make it to a buy station.

    You are, however, going to be hunted every step of the way by other players that want to do nothing more than end your digital life right there on the spot. All the while poisonous gas is crushing and to compact the map every few seconds, forcing players into tighter and tighter positions and making gunfights inevitable.

    In order to help you win more of these fights – and win more of these rounds – we’ve put together this ultimate Call of Duty Warzone guide. Let’s jump right in!


    Stick to Modern Warfare Weapons (For the most part)

    Sure, some of the weapons from Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War are halfway decent – the MAC 10 is a game changer in specific. But if you really want to win more gunfights in Warzone you want to stick to the guns that shipped with Modern Warfare more than anything else.

    Modern Warfare (2019) was a reboot of the Call of Duty franchise of sorts and is the best selling title in the franchise history for reason. It offers a lot of new mechanics, it offers a lot of new gameplay options, but it also brought tons and tons of weapons into the mix – and all of them are pretty deadly in Warzone.

    Prioritize them in your loadouts over Cold War (and now Vanguard) weapons for sure.



    Meta Loadouts only when you’re playing for real

    Part of the attraction of Warzone is dropping in with a squad of friends, fooling around with the loadouts that you like to play with, and just sort of enjoying the freedom that this digital sandbox brings to the table. But if you are playing to win – really want to compete (and dominate, really) – in this Battle Royale you’re going to need to stick to meta loadouts.

    Meta loadouts are the loadouts that Pro and streamer gamers are using to crush the competition, loadouts that are finely tuned to maximize performance over absolutely everything else. Sure, running and gunning with your MP5 might be a lot of fun in multiplayer. But you’ll get crushed if you try and run those same loadouts against players running meta loadouts in Warzone nine times out of ten.

    Here’s a quick rundown of the kinds of loadouts you’ll want to research to give yourself the best possible edge and advantage in Warzone today. You’ll also want to remember that the meta constantly changes and shifts as new updates and balance patches are uploaded. Make sure that you are regularly looking for new meta information all the time.

    Start off with meta loadouts for these weapons, though, and you’ll be able to it the ground running pretty consistently:
    - The M4 assault rifle
    - The MAC 10 submachine gun
    - The DMR 14 sniper rifle
    - The Bruen machine gun
    - The FAL assault rifle

    All of those primary weapons will give you a bit of an unfair advantage against the competition if they aren’t also running meta loadouts. And if they are, you’ll at least have an even playing field to fight on.


    Master the Warzone Map

    Learning the ins and outs of the Warzone map is a huge advantage, too. We’re not just talking about learning the different points of interest (POIs) and their location on the map, either. We are talking about learning where the most common ambush points are, where the best high ground in the map is, where effective sniper nests are, and how to move from one spot to another across the map no matter where the circle moves.

    This is the kind of information you’re only ever going to pick up actively playing the game or watching streamers do the same on platforms like YouTube and Twitch. It’s really important to think your way through this game if you’re going to win more often, especially when you are up against stiffer competition.

    Call of Duty Warzone is not a game that you can kind of sleepwalk through to the end with. You have to be deliberate in every movement, have to think about every door you are about to open, and have to worry the second that you leave cover and head out into the open – and have a plan to get back into cover ASAP.



    Stay on your high ground

    One of the most important principles to win more often in Warzone is to master the art of taking high ground at every opportunity. As a general rule of thumb (just like in the real world) the combatant that has the high ground position enjoys an almost unfair advantage compared to combatants that are below them.

    Get on rooftops, stay in the second-story windows of smaller buildings, and make the most of helicopters to reach the kinds of positions other players won’t be able to get to.


    Learn to Slide Cancel

    Learning how to slide cancel is a huge mobility boost, but it also helps you become a lot harder target to hit when crossing open spaces with little cover. It’s difficult to describe how to slide cancel in text, but there are lots of YouTube tutorials out there that will show you how to master this movement essential in record time.

    Practice slide canceling every chance you get and really lean on it as a mobility solution to get around faster. And if you start to hear bullets cracking over your players head make sure that you are slide canceling like crazy!



    Make sure that you Third party whenever you can!

    The last tip we want to leave you with is this:
    It’s important to remember that there are (the start, anyway) going to be upwards of 150 players in every single match. You are never alone and a team or player you are thinking about jumping may already be engaged – or about to be engaged – by another player or team.

    Always listen for sounds of gunfights to see if you can third party players that forget this rule. You might be able to jump in at the last second, right after a firefight stops while players are still wounded, and pick off the winner of the original battle before they have a chance to heal up and loot.

    Just know that other players and teams are going to be trying to do the exact same thing to you. Stay vigilant, keep your head on a swivel, and always stay on the move – and aggressive – and you’ll be good to go. It may not be a bad idea to grab a bit of high ground when you hear a firefight nearby, just to sort of overwatch the position and see if anybody else is coming in to third party.

    You’ll have an opportunity to watch the fight unfold, spot the two (or multiple) teams throwing down against one another, and then reposition so that you have a chance to defeat the winners of this fight before they get back up to full strength.

    You’ll also be able to spot any other teams that are thinking about the same thing, plan ambushes for them, or even wait on your attack until this next firefight unfolds to scoop in and fourth party a fight! When you get right down to it, the whole goal of Warzone is to be the very last player or team standing.

    It doesn’t matter how you get there. It only matters that you and your friends are the very last ones waiting for that helicopter extraction in the gas, clicking into the rope dropped from the helo, and then taking often of the sunset as the names of all the other players in that match that were defeated scroll past the screen.

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