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  • Super People Hacks by Veterancheats.com
    Undetected Super People Cheats with Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack, No Recoil and more!

    Veterancheats is the best place for working Public and Private Super People hacks 💥 You can buy our Super People cheats with top notch security, ESP, aimbot, radar hack, no recoil, all in one package. All our features are mentioned in the products page links below 💥

  • The Super People hacks are released after only 2 days of CBT!

    Super People is the upcoming Battle Royal game that is said to change the face of the genre. But we cannot talk about battle royals without thinking even for a second about its predecessors: Apex legends, Warzone, Fortnite and the granddad of these titles PUBG.

    I would say that Super People is the perfect mix between all these titles. One of the similarities of the both games is the scar weapon which can be found in both games. One of the differences of SP to PUBG is that you can also craft your gear not simply loot it. For instance, in PUBG you can get a level 3 helmet only by looting, but in Super People you can craft it by picking up certain crafting materials. 

    Another difference is that the Super Soldiers features in Super People that have abilities and skills that players can use to gain the upper-hand in certain scenarios. One such example is “Marine” whose abilities are especially created for naval combat, like shotting from underwater, stealth swimming kills etc.

    Therefore, the Developers from Veterancheats already released Super People hacks, even before the the launch, during Closed Beta phase. As can be seen from the streamers’ footage: the fights in the game are a bit chaotic and have pretty much the fast pace movement of Warzone. For a casual player would be hard to enjoy the game and keep up with the hardcore gamers by just playing a few hours per day. This is where we come in. We are here to even-up the playing field.

    Our Super People hack is very popular now, here's why!

    Like every major game released in the recent years. The games can become grindy and not everybody can spend 10 hours a day to unlock that scar skin. Let’s say you need 10 kills to unlock a skin for your weapon. If you are a hardcore gamer that can be easy, but if you need to do it fast and get back to work ,you can just use our Super People hack and can make this task seem trivial.


    By using the Super People wallhack, you can see the enemies through the walls, and learn about the emphasis of combat tactics in regards to the enemy position. The wallhack can give you an idea how you should handle the situation swiftly and use your imagination to swipe the enemy in any way you preffer. As this game is still in beta stage and everyone still discovers its’ secret, using our external visual system can make your life easier. You can spot enemies immediately and try to flank them delivering that juicy headshot by using the inbuild aim function as well. We even have radar system which reveals enemy location on the minimap GUI, on your left side of the screen.

    The built-in in-game mini-map does not reveal enemies when moving around quietly or hiding behind an obstacle. However, a proper Super People Radar hack will reveal the exact location of other players, dropped weapons and vehicles on the map, thus making your game seems legit. A large chunk of community from Super people, also plays the new Marauders game, that's why we have prepared New Marauders hacks to keep you away from getting bored and achieve new heights.


    The Super People ESP function will send you Player information and drops locations

    The Super People ESP function enables you to find and obtain the items such as grenades, crafting materials, consumables, or that sweet SCAR. It allows you to locate your enemies even if they are hiding inside structures, and killing them way before they even realise you are there. Imagine sneaking behind that prone camper on the bush, going behind him and humiliating with an execution then tea-bagging him.


    Our Super People aimbot is not finished yet but our customers already loving it!

    Our Super People aimbot come with human-like aim and prediction to make sure it hits the target even if is running in a erratic way. This feature can be tunned it depending on your requirements. You can set-up and customize the aim settings to give you a small help in aim-assist or a straight-on rage-mode aim, depends on which aim mode you preffer to play with. Both aim styles are being undetectable so you do not have to worry about the game developer banning you, because the game is still in Beta stage, therefore their anti cheat is not sophisticated enough to detect these patterns.

    As in all battle-royale there will be long range combat in which basic aimbot prediction might not be enough, due to game ADS system and limited recoil control, making the shoots inaccurate so we recommend using No Recoil function also, to guarantee that your bullets are reaching their mark even from 700 meters distance.


    Does Super People have a proper Anti-Cheat ?

    Wonder People already confirmed that Super people will have an advanced anti-cheat system similar to PUBG , Fortnite , Escape from Tarkov , and namely the Battle Eye. Yet our team of developers managed to crack the game open within the first 2 hours of beta launch. Several Super People Cheats started popping out , us included. 
    It is clear that their anti-cheat engine is not strong enough for our developer team, so using our cheat is the easiest option to avoid detection.


    Why you should avoid using any kind of free Super People hacks 

    It is basic knowledge that free doesn’t necessarily good. Who would give you something for free when they can sell it to you, so there must be a catch. Such Free Super People hacks, are full of viruses and malware with poor updates which can lead to a instant hwid ban, or just force you to fill surveys and get nothing in return. Nobody in their right mind, would bypass the game anticheat just to offer you a free product, this isn't CS GO with Vac anticheat. Make sure you are purchasing It from a trusted and reputable platform instead.

    So anyway, the bottomline is that our products are the safest option as our top priority is to deliver something fun and undetectable for the players. Out cheat developers work tirelessly to gain you more wins with minimum risk, so what are you waiting for join us today, increase your kill count , rank up the leaderboard, lead your team to victory and become like Shroud.