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  • CS:GO Commend Bot - Working and easy to use!

    Use our CS:GO Commendbot services in order to add credibility to your account and avoid matching with cheaters.

  • What is CSGO Commendbot?

    The CS GO Commends system was implemented by Valve to help players understand if they are playing with a good player or not. A player with many commends will always be more positive, less toxic and more skilled than a player with a few commends. Players are keeping this in mind when they plan on reporting someone. For sure in your CSGO match, you wanted to report some guy, thinking he might have been cheating, and you would be right, but you changed your mind when you saw how many commends he has.

    As this system has been used to split the good players from the bad, it became the main foundation stone for the Trust Factor system, later implemented into the game. As it is widely known the higher your trust factor is, the more legit, fair, and skilled players you will meet. If you are a cheater you will want to buy our commends for CS GO to increase your trust factor and ruin those players' games. If you are a normal player you want to use it to boost your account high enough so nobody will even get close to your trust factor, resulting in playing games without any cheaters, trolls or griefers.



    Why we are the #1 supplier for Trusted CSGO Commendbot? 

    There are many sites on the internet that claim that their CS GO Commend bot is trusted and safe but that’s not exactly the case. Many are done from dummy accounts which will result in a VAC ban on your account for exploiting. Keep your account and yourself safe, get what you need from an old and trusted supplier such as ourselves. 

    • Our commends are made by unique accounts with prime or without with gold rank or supreme, all to make it look more real. 
    • Our delivery is instant.  
    • You can choose the time and manner of our delivery.  
    • We have support staff that is 24/7 online ready to help you out at any step of the way. 
    • We have more than 20 payment methods for every country. 
    • We have prices for everyone’s pocket starting from 0.99$ up to the most expensive package to 70$.  


    How to buy CS GO Commends Service?

    1. Register an account on our website 

    You will have to register an account on our website before purchasing, so can keep track of your payment should anything happen. Not only that but you cannot access our store without a registered account. 

    2. Buy any package of our CS GO Commends

    After you register your account head to our store section and add to the cart your most desired package. You can pay with any payment method you wish, we have all of them. 

    3. Follow the instructions and get your commends 

    You will be given a code which can be found on “My Keys” on the website. Please follow the instructions for using it and enjoy. 


    How to use a Working CSGO Commendbot? 

    Once you got the key for your CSGO Commendbot service, you will have to head to our discord server with it. You will use it here to gain access to our working bot. By using !redeem XYZ-XYZ(your key) you can access our panel. What you have to do next is to use !commend and copy your steam profile link. You will receive the address of our server in which you have to join to receive your commends. 

    Keep in mind that you just have to stay on the server and you can choose when to get the commends, they can be instantly delivered or delayed. Also, make sure your account is set on public so you can receive the commendations. 


    Why should you avoid the Free CSGO Commends services?

    Many of the Free CSGO Commends services offered on the internet are scams. They will send you programs and tell you, that you have to activate that in order to activate the bot. A program that might kill your PC, or steal your data. In another case, they might give you the commendations but from botted accounts, that are not safe and surely about to get banned. Getting commendations from such accounts will get your account banned for sure. So, we advise you to keep yourself safe, and buy only from old and serious suppliers, such as VeteranCheats, we will not disappoint you.