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    Claim victory today with our Dota 2 Hacks with Auto-Pudge, Evade, Kill Secure and many more options. 🥇Dota 2 Cheats with Camera Zoom and Skin Changer, reliable safe and undetected!

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  • Reviewing Dota 2 

    Dota stands for Defending of the Ancients and it started off as a mode in Warcraft 3, which later was purchased by Valve and turned into the giant e-sport sensation it is today. Dota 2 was launched in 2009 and it is a MOBA game similar and direct competitor to League of Legends. Inside the game, you have to push on three lanes, reach the enemy base and crack it wide open. You need to farm creeps, buy items, create unique builds and win the game. With a wide variety of heroes, beautiful graphics and intense gameplay in 2011 the game won the IGN rewards for people’s choice.

    The community is diehard and loyal, and the crowdfunding method that Valve adopted created one of the largest prize pools in gaming history close to 40 million USD. Taking into account the try-hard gamers on this MOBA, starting as a brand-new player will prove quite difficult unless you are using our Dota 2 hacks. Our product is easy to use and intuitive and can be used as a learning tool to study the game mechanics and interactions between the champions. 


    Why it is important to use good Dota 2 Hacks? 

    If a cheat can get you banned it is useless as you will all your progress made so far. Do not get greedy for cheap products, or lying vendors that guarantee their tool’s safety. Buy a 24 Hours key of any Dota 2 Hacks, test for yourself on a secondary account and then purchase a longer time period. If you don’t have time to test for yourself, join our community and use our products, we have people hired especially to test every day the integrity of our product so you can use a safe and undetected cheat and actually enjoy your progress. 


    Undetected Dota 2 Cheats  

    Here at VeteranCheats, we are committed to delivering only top-notch quality products. An individual team of developers has been hired to take care only of this game and deliver truly Undetected Dota 2 Cheats. We strongly advise you to check our cheat status before purchasing any of our products, so you do not get caught in one of the maintenance breaks we take to update the cheat. 


    The complete Dota 2 Hack 

    Our Dota 2 Hack works as a script injector and gives you access to a large sum of features. Some of which are, Ability Alerts, Camera Hack, Aggro/DeAggro from creeps, Last Hit/Kill Stealers, ESP, Auto Pudge Hook and many more. The good part about our tool is the save config option which allows you to save your customized settings into profiles. Each time you play a different profile, you simply click it and you are ready to play that specific champion’s settings. 

    dota 2 hacks with multiple scripts


    Dota 2 Kill Stealer

    At least once in your life, someone stole your sweet kill. Well with the Dota 2 Kill Stealer that is a thing of the past. This scripting feature will use your highest damage skill to secure the kill. For example, it will use Zeus’ Ultimate to secure the death of your opponent. Auto Dagon is part of the package also, it will even blink yourself close to the target if needed in order to secure the kill. 


    Dota 2 Camera Zoom hack 

    Point of View and map awareness plays a big role in this game. With our Dota 2 Zoom hack you can either choose to see the map from very far away or if you want to have some fun you can even play the game as a first-person MOBA similar to Smite’s POV.  


    Dota 2 Abilities Cool Down ESP 

    Our Dota 2 ESP system displays all the information you could ever need. You can the enemy’s timer on their abilities and items. You can choose how to see their position on the map at all times. You can also activate the XP monitor that shows exactly how much XP each creep gives, or how much XP your opponent has. This information will greatly influence your playstyle as you can launch an all-in attack right before level 6 and surprise your enemy with the ultimate. 



    Dota 2 Scripts  

    You can dodge all the abilities thrown at you with our Dota 2 Scripts. You will have the perfect gameplay with zero mistakes while looking as normal as possible. It also comes with other features such as auto-use items, auto combo ability and many more.  

    Lastly, we added a Dota 2 Skin Changer system so you can unlock all the skins for your favourite champions. Please keep in mind the skins will appear only when you use our product, they are not unlocked forever. 


    Please avoid Free Dota 2 Cheats 

    With the game being free to play you might think that there must be Free Dota 2 Cheats too. Well, you are wrong in this case. The development of any cheat takes time and resources, so nobody would give you something for charity, there must be a catch. A virus, keylogger or anything similar, so they can steal your data and sell it to the highest bidder. Stay safe, buy a good and safe cheat from an old and respected vendor such as ourselves. 


    Full support for our Dota 2 Cheat  

    Even before purchasing any of our products, you are able to receive support in our pre-sale topic on our website. Once you purchase our Dota 2 Cheat you get access to our guides and settings, required in order to install the hack. Should you find yourself in difficulty, please contact anyone from our support staff, via discord, forum post, or support ticket. We guarantee that you will get an answer to your questions within seconds. Services such as remote control, Hwid Reset, and Account Recovery are free of charge. Get your money’s worth, and join our community!