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  • Undetected Dread Hunger Hacks and Cheats

    Get safe and Undetected Dread Hunger Cheats. Make sure to reach the end of any expedition and find every impostor. Straightforward and cheap, they represent the perfect product for every possible situation.

  • About Dread Hunger

    Dread Hunger is a similar game to Among us, meaning that is a social deduction game, but more than that, you can also play a survival game with different mechanics. It was released by Game Hunger Studios in April 2021, with a recent patch and official launch. The game right now has only 3 expeditions with more to be added in the future. Something that caught our eye about this game is that they have a road map, which so far was followed to the point. This fact made all the fans excited as the future of this game looks promising.

    The aim of this game is not clearly explained in the tutorial so you might find yourself in an awkward situation, therefore we will explain it to you. Your main enemies are the thralls, which will stop you from gathering resources to you can get the ship going. Dread Hunger also promotes an Among Us style gameplay with someone playing as an impostor trying to sabotage your voyage. You need to gather or hunt for food, you need to search for coal so you can start up the ship. You can craft items which will greatly boost your progression. You can play with different characters with different classes each an individual starting items and individual skills.

    The classes are The Captain, The Chaplain, The Cook, The Doctor, The Engineer, The Hunter, The Royal Marine, and The Navigator. The doctor, for example, starts with Meat Cleaver, Syringe, Laudanum, and Coal with his passive ability, boosts the effectiveness of every health item by 60%. If you want to keep yourself alive from any outside or inside danger, our Dread Hunger hack is the product you can count on. Its’ options will show you anyone who might try to hurt you, giving you a helping hand when you are overrun by thralls.  


    Why should you use the Dread Hunger Hacks? 

    The reasons people use Dread Hunger Hacks are diverse, we are curious to hear yours. Some people testified that they are using our tools just to speed up the progression through the game, to find the resources faster with the ESP function, to kill the thralls faster using the Aimbot function and so on.  

    Some people say that they want to impress their friends with their game sense and leave a good impression. Some people are born cheaters and they cannot open a game without opening the program. One thing is for certain, no matter the reason, the best place for buying hacks is our website. 


    What Dread Hunger Cheats can you find in our store?  

    The Dread Hunger Cheats that can be found in our store work on both AMD and Intel Processors, unlike other products sold on the internet that have some restrictions. It is worth mentioning that our innovative injection method has changed the rules of the game. We can offer you a 100% safe and undetected product which will take you to the highest rating possible. We cover all the basic features and some extra, such as TeleKill which allows you to kill someone from a long distance. We also offer a first-class Speedhack with customizable speed and an on/off button so you can use it in whatever scenario. We are the only serious provider which took their time and money and invested it in this game but do not let this thought scare you. We have put the lowest price possible for our tool, only 2$ per day if you purchase the monthly subscription.   


    Dread Hunger Aimbot Function 

    Our Dread Hunger Aimbot has all the functions you need to come on top of any trouble that might rise on the horizon. You have a custom selection key for activation. You have the Triggerbot option, which will fire automatically when the enemy is inside the customizable FOV Draw Circle. You have Hipfire, ACS Speed and Aimbot speed, all with the purpose of increasing your frags on the thralls that might be bothering you. If you want to see the full list of features of our product, we recommend joining our website and checking out the forum for the complete features list. 


    The Dread Hunger Wallhack and ESP Options 

    The Dread Hunger Wallhack will show you the exact location of your opponents through any solid platform so you can plan ahead of time a counterattack. You can also use the Visibility Check function and say for certain if you can kill them through the wall. 

    The Dread Hunger ESP sorts the information that you see to make things easier to understand. You can also use custom markers which will be displayed so you can find a way to that location. You get the Enable/Disable ESP Function. You can see the Predators, Preys names, health bars distance and many more. You can pick up items automatically and much more. You can customize the way you see the loot and the NPCs as boxes or skeletons with any colour from the RGB spectrum. 


    Why do you want to pick us as the sole provider for private Dread Hunger Hacks? 

    If everything said above did not convince you that we are the best supplier for private Dread Hunger Hacks, join us today. You can either contact us on the forum or join our discord and create a ticket. Unlike other cheat providers, you are eligible for our support even before purchasing. Ask us anything and you will receive an answer within minutes. Our aim is to create one of the best hacking communities out there. We want to offer you a safe product at an affordable price, and educate and guide you through the magical journey of the cheating industry. Request a test key today and see if we live up to your expectations.