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Buying the Hell Let Loose cheat was simple and took a total of maybe 3 minutes before I had full access - plain and simple.
10/10 for store performance

Getting it up and running was just as easy - just do exactly what the manual says. 0 problems, only if you don't read something may not work  
10/10 for software performance

esp only works on enemy infantry - unfortunately neither vehicles nor enemy respawn points are shown but when it comes to showing infantry it works perfectly

8/10 for ESP

Aimbot unfortunately sometimes has problems - you have to learn how and when to use it, the site admins should take a closer look at it as the game has just come out of beta and there will be much more interest in this product 

6/10 for  aimbot

Unfortunately the no recoil does not work - this should be fixed asap

My suggestions :
Add an option in ESP where it shows only visible players and those behind walls not
Add an option in the ESP to show the opponent's respawn points
Add an option in the ESP to show enemy vehicles
Add lines in esp that show where the enemy is aiming or something that detects that someone is aiming at you
Add an option in aimbot to target the body 

Overall rating is 8/10 (would be 10/10 but there are flaws I wrote about above)

As soon as the admins fix this hack it will be one of the best on the market and at a good price - I will gladly buy it many times once they fix it a bit
Best Regards to all administration

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Been a while since i saw a review like that. We will take into consideration everything you just said. Next update you should see them inside the Hack. Thank you for your kind feedback!

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