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  1. Yes mate. Cheat is updating and time is frozen please be patient . Cheers !
  2. Same thing. Contact me on discord as I need more details to say for sure
  3. Knorr


    Contact me on discord at Knorr#6574 i need more details to pinpoint the exact issue . Cheers !
  4. Hi mate. This happens only if you double inject. You can use valorant spoofer to clean the ban !
  5. We are in testing period for one cheat for this. Will be released when we consider it safe enough ! Cheers !
  6. How exactly is not working? You can also contact me on discord for faster answers at Knorr#6574
  7. Sadly we do not refund for this reason. Next time read the requirements . Requirements: * Windows 10 (1903,1909,2004 or 20H2) * Mandatory Secure boot disabled, Fast Boot Disabled, Virtualization Enabled. * Requires INTEL CPU (Doesn't work on AMD) https://veterancheats.com/store/product/42-zero-dbd-24-hours/
  8. Before starting, you should make sure that: - the game is in normal windowed mode; - all overlays are disabled (you need to disable it in the settings of a particular program, most often it interferes with, for example, Discord); - Xbox Game Bar is disabled or removed in your Windows settings; - if Riva Tuner is installed (usually installed with MSI Afterburner), then it should be removed; - if you have two or more monitors, then you should leave only one, all the others must be physically disconnected from your PC. If you problem still persists contact me on disc
  9. Hei mate. Message me now mabe i lost your DM.
  10. Check your privates on discord now. We had to restock. Sorry for this incovenience !
  11. We don't know yet until is live. But shouldn't be a problem
  12. What do you mean exactly? If you mean if cheats are going to work when the pacific update comes, then yes they will be updated and they will work ! Cheers !