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  1. Contact me on discord at Knorr#6574 i need to do a more detailed check up
  2. Our team is developers is working at full speed. The situation should be fixed in no time !
  3. Uninstal latest windows security updates and it should work just fine
  4. Insert, if it is not working from your own keyboard try with virtual keyboard
  5. The cheat will be updated soon. We will keep you posted on the website.
  6. Contact me on discord at Knorr#6574 for paypal
  7. Try setting up the game on highest priority in task manager
  8. Knorr

    hay ask

    You need to be more specifically. Most of our cheats work on 20h2 and lower. And 90% of our cheats work on both processors. Depends on what you want to buy exactly
  9. Hi. Please message me on discord. Knorr#6574
  10. Before the end of the month should be updated !
  11. You can use any of our spoofer and bypass it!
  12. Make sure there are no overlays showing over the key for menu activation is insert
  13. You can DM now for key activation!