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  • Top-notch Hacks and Cheats for Paragon: The Overprime

    Get access to our high-quality Paragon: The Overprime Cheats and hacks. They are the cheapest and safest on the market and fully equipped with best features such as Aimbot, Teleport Instant Kill, ESP and Wallhack.

  • Why choose our Paragon the Overprime Cheats? 

    If you reached our page means that you are not looking for any kind of cheap hacks you are looking for the highest-quality possible cheats for Paragon: The Overprime. Let us tell you why we are the best providers on the market. We are the only people who spent a huge amount of money in developing a fully functional Paragon cheat with a big number of crazy features. Our goal is to teach you how to utilise our product and get it's full potential unlocked without any blowback, not just to sell you a hack and run away with your money. We are testing our Paragon Overprime Cheats on a daily basis and guarantee their integrity 100%. If you want access to the best cheating experience, create an account on our forum or join our discord where you will find active support staff, ready to answer any of your questions within minutes.  


    Truly Undetected Paragon the Overprime Hacks

    When we say that our Paragon The Overprime Hacks are undetected, we mean it. We are some of the oldest providers of cheating tools on the web, so we put a lot of time into researching ways of bypassing anti-cheats. The protection of this game is called Easy Anti Cheat or EAC for short, the same protection which games like Apex Legends, Squad or Fortnite use. The way our Paragon the Overprime Hacks inject goes deeper than the bios itself. Imagine it as a three-floor building, the anti-cheat is on level 3 and is searching for your hacking tool on level 2, meanwhile, our product injects through the ground floor. Simple, safe and effective with our cheats you will be able to enjoy your progression through the game.  


    What’s new with Paragon the Overprime Cheat in 2023? 

    Our aim is to offer you access to only the best features that our Paragon the Overprime Cheat can offer. If you want to know at all moments, the location of your enemy, then you can use the ESP function, or if you have some trouble landing the shots on target, the Aimbot system will take care of that for you. You should know that our hack works on Windows 10 2004 version up to Windows 11 21h2, including any version such as Home, Pro, Family etc. We are currently working on the update for 22h2 which would allow our cheat to work on all the systems without any trouble. 


    The Paragon The Overprime Aimbot system 

    Inside the Paragon The Overprime Aimbot system you can customize the key you want to use for its activation. You get Draw FOV Circle which can be formatted to match any desired size, although we recommend you to use a maximum of 90 or lower so your aim will not snap to random targets. Hip Fire allows you to fire your weapon with maximum accuracy without scoping it, great if you are looking to get no-scopes. Another function included in this package is a custom bone selector with which you can focus a specific bone in the body to deal damage. No Recoil and Triggerbot that fire automatically once your crosshair is on top of your enemy. 


    Paragon The Overprime ESP and Wallhack system

    The features that can be found inside Paragon The Overprime ESP are very practical and easy to understand. You generate a custom button to trigger the activation. You can set up the range of action for the ESP. You can choose how to see your opponents, as boxes or skeletons. You can choose any colour for anything in the game. But the most important thing that our system will offer you, is access to vital information such as health bar, skill cool-down, load-out and many more, all of which can change the outcome of any fight. 

    The Paragon the Overprime Wallhack works like all the similar hacks on the market. If you use it, you can watch your enemy’s or objective’s location through any obstacle. In addition to this, you can mark any object, and that one will be highlighted so you can focus on it.  


    Paragon the Overprime Telekill 

    The Paragon the Overprime Telekill is a brand-new feature we managed to create for this game. It basically teleports the enemy’s hitbox in the range of your aim so you can kill them easily without them suspecting a thing. One more thing worth mentioning is that the hack is Streamproof so it means that nobody will be able to see anything if you plan on streaming with it.  


    How to use Paragon the Overprime hack?

    The first step in using the Paragon the Overprime hack is to buy it from our website. Then you will get access to your key, loader and cheat manual on how to install it. But even before doing this, we recommend checking the cheat status on our website to see if it is updated and fully operational. The instructions are fairly easy to understand, you will have to turn off any form of protection, turn off the firewall and uninstall any guard such as Riot Vanguard or ESEA, they cannot block the cheat but they might interrupt the injection process, resulting in you getting banned. Once you took these steps, all you have to do is to open the cheat loader and inject then open the game. If you will get into any trouble while trying to use our product, please remember that we are at your disposal 24/7. You can either contact us on the website via a support ticket or join our discord and create a ticket. Join the greatest cheating community today and ascent to the next level with our Paragon the Overprime Cheats.