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  1. Thanks for answering Knorr its apreciated. However my 24h key would of ran out by now, will i be re-inbursed with a new one or will that key still work, thanks in advance.
  2. Hello? i suppose by now the 24h cheat has run out with no resolution.. what a shame, ive used veterancheats in the past frequently however seems like no response anymore 😞
  3. Hi, When i try to run the cheat file, it just crashes pc, System error and restarts... any help please? Thanks in advance
  4. Icon Apex - 24 Hours BTW, thought i would add this
  5. Hi Bud, i am getting Not valid HWID, when trying to run the hack, I have recently changed PCs, do i need to request a HWID reset or how does it work ? if so can you reset it for me 🙂. Kind regards
  6. Hi, I managed to play half a game and got a ban, However, i have tried downloading the cleaner and link does not work/download. trying to launch it now im getting this error Somethign went wrong! Try preforming these step to resolve the problem always load as admin disable antivirus uninstall virtualbox disable secure boot all above are not the issue, any help please 🙂
  7. Sounds good, is Engel working? does it have ore- collectables Esp yet ? sorry for so many questions ahha
  8. Heya Buddy, Is there a rough ETA on the Ares update? Thanks in advance
  9. I have recently bought various keys.. one of them being a 7 day pass for Engel... When will all the features be added back? as currently its a blank canvas, If this is not going to be fixed, can I exchange my 7 days into Odin keys "once working ofcourse". Please give us a update as soon as possible.. Thanks in advance.
  10. I think he is regarding, that, all is working, is esp, for 3 items, Was much better before, I hope when its fully functioning, it has all the same stuff as before..
  11. This has been answered by Blaze in another post, I would remove but cant 🙂
  12. Thanks Blaze, Much appreciated, ill wait till fix to purchase agian 🙂
  13. As your aware, the cheat stops/breaks after 10-15min of use, i was wondering if there is any update by the Dev on this issue, or had it been already solved? Thanks in advance 🙂
  14. For anyone that reads this, It got resolved, Thanks for the great customer service !!! +rep 🙂
  15. Is everything else working ? It has been working fine for me, however the only issue atm is that the cheat stops working after 20-30 min or so, However in another post they are looking into it, and i am sure they will give a update when resolved. 🙂
  16. Any update from the Dev by any chance Blaze?
  17. Thanks that would be much apreciated. i have Dmd you on here.
  18. If you need help with any Spanish translations, I am fluent in both speaking and writing, Just Dm me.
  19. The same hapend to me that day, i bought the key as it said working status, tried it never worked, so i ended up buying ODEN as i was desperate LOL the same day/following due to it being past midnight. You could check my purchases. Would be good if i compensated for it, but if not i guess its tough luck.
  20. I dont see why that would be a issue, Your bank will simply do the conversion for you, In my case i use sterling £, and when i pay it automaticly does a conversion.
  21. Nope, all good without, i used on 2 different machines, currently runnin g for the last 5h and seems okay, maybe was just a small bit of bad luck, Thought id mention it incase for you guys 🙂
  22. Hi Guys, Might want to check the ODIN Rust cheat, added on 3 seperate accounts and banned within 20min, 2 of them using ESP only. Thought id give you heads up 🙂 Regards, Sloth
  23. Hi Blaze, im assuming your the one that going to answer 🙂 So i read this Purchasing multiple times from our website will allow you to get access to private cheats which are not listed in the website. And was wondering how do i access such things? and is there an amount that needs to be spent? Kind regards
  24. Hey Blaze, Any ETA?, just wondering due to not using any time of that key up 😞 , Cheers bud 🙂. Thanks in advance.