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  1. Agree - esp shows dead players in crucible, been like this for weeks
  2. but the D2 spoofer is detectable correct? So don't use the spoofer D2
  3. thanks - what the purpose of the spoofer?
  4. Not using the spoofer would make users susceptible to hardware ban?
  5. instructions still say yes to HW Spoofer press yes, Status says working. You guys are gonna get a bunch of people banned - not good dudes
  6. if you're reading this - stop using your cheat ASAP on your main
  7. just happen - legit settings, not even a week with this place...yikes
  8. Anyone else having the ESP rectangle draw around SOME friendly targets in the crucible?
  9. I am new to VC - but I've been using the D2 HLBOT with out issues, including the patch that happened today (9/2). Creating this thread - so when anyone does get banned and searches the forum - they'll find and post to this thread. For those that been using longer, or know - has D2 HLBOT ever been detected? i.e. I am hoping that if I don't rage - it'll smoothing sailing as long as the loader is kept up to date with the Bungie updates. Also - is there a link that describes what the settings are? i.e. Smoothing - does a bigger number mean more realistic aiming?
  10. Is there a way to remove the cheat completely?
  11. New around here - wondering if there was a dedicated forum to report being banned, game specific forums. Perhaps they are invisible until purchase? thanks
  12. poor grammar - was asking if D2 was stream proof? and misplaced the "?" thanks for the response
  13. thanks Blaze - the status says D2 status says working, but your comment says "until confirm 100%" Working doesn't mean 100% safe? Not being critical, just new the product, so trying to understand what the source of truth is thanks again
  14. Destiny 2 stream proof (with the BE update?)