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  1. @Knorrur best but please check about speed bullet to hope speed 1000 work
  2. hello game have new update and chest menu not show after update i hope fix it and fix speed bullet please so much bug with this speed
  3. Its auto play and gathering or have do it my self ,?
  4. Ty for fix hope mot anymore crash but what is new chest comeing for nw u guys post New products any info about what new chest
  5. @Knorrsry again but how i can do that ?
  6. @Knorru mean update win ? I dont got it sry what u mean
  7. same this last time i buy cheat weast money + time key menu not show fast need retry mil times to work or what @Knorr @Blaze
  8. same for me game close @Knorr @Blaze
  9. its work omg super good atm i hope not crash or not mune not show again after i restart pc 3-5 time
  10. I do every think load cheat tell me open game and hit ok i open game hit ok not show cheat and overlay on and i press insert nothing show
  11. good to hear that but what about key i buy it can u remake new time after cheat work 100% @Blaze
  12. cheat menu show but nothing work bullet not kill anyone please check ur cheat
  13. menu not show and tell me eac not install i restart pc and load cheat say complete prass space and i logon game nothing happen what i miss please
  14. hello please check again about cheat i restart pc and reload cheat menu not show at game
  15. hello can u please update Valhalla: for ne patch new world cheat not work after new patch ? can u update cheat ty