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  1. Game closes almost instantly after pressing f2 to inject. I suggest no one trying it at the current moment until the update.
  2. Nevermind it does not work. It closes your game as soon as you f2. Dont use until updated by admins please.
  3. Massive 20gig update for vanguard just curious is Boomer and Alpha are still good to go?
  4. Been buying day passes for the alpha for around a week now. Bar none the best cheats i have ever had. Best service and not a single person is yet to even call me out on cheating. Would recommend to anyone.
  5. Im trying it out in competitive COD To see how the simple wallhack will change the game. If i were to make one suggestion though it would have to be some sort of panic button keybind to make all the cheats go away. For competitive i need to take a video of the win in each match. This becomes a challenge when you have cheats activated when trying to record your screen with Nvidia Experience. I know most CSGO cheats have panic buttons. Just a thought.
  6. Hes very active on discord and very helpful.
  7. Is he avaliable right now? Would like to pay for a day now before i get a month to test it. Whats the discord?
  8. Being from canada the prices are in Euro... Just wondering what the exchange rates are? also is it even possible to pay for something in euros on a credit card? Cant do Paypal or something?