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  • Why¬†use Steam¬†Comments?¬†¬†

    The method of using the Steam Comments for your profile, is including a discord account. After you buy Steam Comments from our website, you will be given a discord link so you can access our bot. You will have to add your steam profile there and within 24 hours you will have the unique comments added to your profile. For 2.5$ you can add 25 comments, up to 10 000 for 100$.  

    They are one of the main defence tools against reports. For sure you wanted to report one guy on CSGO but changed your mind after you saw his profile and thought to yourself maybe he is just good at this game. It will also help you a lot while trading as you will look like a legit and respected trader with a lot of clients happy. 

    The comments can be customized upon you order request, and they can can be added to your Steam profile, reviews, guides and screenshots!



    Steam profile boosting service 

    Steam is a storefront for Valve, where people can buy games, and create games and groups. It can be considered one of the biggest gaming forums on the internet. Like on all forums the better your Steam profile looks, the more respected you will be. Today we will present our Steam Profile Comments services for boosting your profile and make it look more legit.