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  • What is the Report bot? 

    The CSGO has a Report system that is used to punish bad people in their community. This system can be weaponized if you are going to use our Report bot. You can use our service and take down that troll that ruined your game, or the asshole who abused your trust and scammed you during the trade. You can also choose to take the path or righteousness by mass reporting cheaters to make sure they are getting 100% Community banned, and the best part is that it can never be tracked back to you.  


    How to get CSGO Reportbot? 

    You will have to register an account on our website. Then you will go to our store section and get CSGO Reportbot. You will be given a key, that will be used to gain access to our private discord. There you will have to redeem your key for the service you want. Move to the room you want to use, in this case, the reporting room, and copy-paste there the steam profile of your victim. 


    If I buy the Report bot for steam service, will I get support? 

    The answer is yes. Even before you decide to buy our Report Bot for Steam, you are eligible for our support service. You can ask us anything through the pre-sale topic on the website. Once you purchase, you can contact any of our support staff members and they will guide you through the process. They can speak multiple languages, and they are online 24/7 and ready to help. If need be, they will do remote control for free, unlike other providers. 


    Why should you avoid Free Report Bot Services? 

    Some of the Free Report Bot Services are simple data-gathering websites and they deliver no product. They will trick you through the method of logging into the website with your steam account, a login that will them direct access to your inventory. In a best-case scenario, you might not have something valuable and your account will become one of the bots without you knowing, in a worst-case scenario they will steal everything your account has to offer. Keep yourself safe, buy from an old and respected vendor such as ourselves. We will never ask for your credentials or sensitive data. 


    Reasons to choose us as the sole provider for CS:GO Report Bot

    • We will add your steam account to a whitelist so you cannot be banned by someone else using our product. 
    • The delivery can be instant or delayed. 
    • The reporting bots are 100% unique and real, tricking the system into believing real players reported the player. 
    • The support staff is active all the time and will guide you through. 
    • If you purchase in bulk, you will get discounts, if you recommend the service to other players, you can even earn money through our referral service.