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  • A Twisted Path to Renown Hacks and Cheats

    Purchase Premium Twisted Path to Renown Cheats with fully working Aimbot, ESP, and Wallhack. Our cheat has been thoroughly tested and we guarantee that you will not get banned. Free Customer Support will be provided upon purchase!

  • We have released our new Twisted Path to Renown hacks

    A Twisted Path to Renown is one of the more recent indie games that took us by surprise. If you have not heard about it yet, we are here to educate you. It is a Role-playing game also known as RPG which takes place in the USA in 1899. As the game is fairly new there are not many providers for A Twisted Path to Renown hacks, yet you reached, the right spot for premium products for this game. 

    The developers claim that their game is as realistic as possible and if that's the case you will need our product in order to survive. You will need to craft your weapons, hunt for your food, and do the trades. One of the cool aspects of the game is the fact that the economy is player-driven, therefore any advantage will make a huge difference. Now you might be wondering, how can I use your tool to gain that sweet upper-hand?

    You can use this tool to give yourself a boost over the other players. You can use the aim assist to make sure that your shots never miss. You can use the Wallhack to scout for resources and so on. We will go later more in-depth about the features, so make sure you keep reading.


    A Twisted Path to Renown Wallhack and ESP

    Both the Wallhack and the ESP inside the game have the same function, just the first one is more PVP-oriented and the latter is more PVE-oriented. The Wallhack can be used to outmaneuver your opponent and plunder them for their resources, as it can display their location through any kind of solid obstacle.
    The ESP displays the information that you see through the walls. You can see the enemies' or NPCs' health bars, names, distance, items, and many more. When you have access to such information it is almost certain that you will always come out as the winner from any situation.


    A Twisted Path to Renown Aimbot Features

    Keep in mind that this game at its core is a survival RPG, therefore who will kill you if you will always be the first one to pull the trigger? Imagine yourself going back home with the resources you farmed a whole day and an enemy decides to attack you and take your items. If he succeeds you will probably be very demoralized and ready to quit the game. Do not put yourself in that situation. Buy the Aim-Assist System, also known as the Aimbot and always be ready to send your enemies to meet their maker. 


    If you want to make sure you land your shot anytime you go hunting we recommend the Magic Bullet function! Another great feature to use is the No Recoil and No Spread for maximum accuracy. If you have a certain quest to complete like land 10 headshot you can use the Bone Selection option from inside the menu and your shot will land only above the neck.

    The Visibility Check shows you if the obstacle is thin enough to hit your opponent through it. The Maximum Distance is a feature that activates the aimbot only for a certain distance, so you do not target people from the other side of the map.
    One more thing you can choose whom you aim to target. Either full focus on NPCs or Players so your target does not go crazy when you play.

    Misc Features

    Speedhack - You can use this item to move at crazy speeds around the map and always be the first one on the spot.
    Infinite Ammo, stamina, and Health are all very important in a survival game.
    God Mode - Make you invulnerable to any damage.
    Instant Craft - You can craft any item in the game.


    Reasons to use our Twisted Path to Renown cheats

    Is not only about winning. You can use our cheat as a learning curve. You can find way easier that specific monster by using the ESP feature for example.
    If you are hunting for food and you are low on ammo you can use the Aimbot and hit your mark with 100% accuracy saving you from wasting any other resources.

    Keep up your progress. Should the need arise you can use the product to fight back any incursion ensuring a 100% win rate.

    Although it is 100% safe we recommend not to abuse our cheat. You can still get reported by other players and get manually banned. Also, it is good to use them smartly, in order not to ruin your reputation.

    If you are still not convinced that these features are the thing you need. Join our website and discord, and request a trial key. Log into the game and play around with the settings. We guarantee you will find something you like. If you encounter any troubles do not hesitate to contact us via Discord support ticket. Our staff is here 24/7 to answer any questions and inquiries.