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  • Reminder about War Thunder 

    War Thunder was released in 2012 and it is a multiplayer vehicular combat game. It combines all three aspects of battle air, ground and naval. It did a way better job than its’ competitors, which split each battle into a single game, meanwhile, War Thunder directors found a way to deliver the complete package. There are over 2000 vehicles inside the game and several game modes. The map pool is huge also with more than 100 historically accurate maps, which can hold up to 64 players divided into two teams.

    The vehicles are branched in Fleet, Ground, and Aviation. The fleet is split between Bluewater and Costal, with the first one representing heavy ships, such as destroyers, and the second one representing fast-moving boats. Aviation is split between Fixed-wing Aircraft and helicopters. The ground features all the specific vehicles related to war, such as humvees, transporters, tanks and many more. No matter what branch of the military you will choose, our War Thunder cheats will help you to reach maximum damage output in any scenario. The game also features 3 game modes, Arcade Battles, Simulator Battles, and Realistic Battles. 

    Arcade Battles – Fast-paced, players have 3 lives, and extra help is given, such as engine power and indicators for shell landing 

    Realistic Battles – Slower-paced, in order to respawn you need to collect extra points, the vehicles work as real as possible, and counters are advised to be used. There are still some indicators to show where the shells, bullets, torpedos are going. 

    Simulator Battles – Even slower-paced, the most realistic mode of all, there are no indicators whatsoever, players are getting 1 life and no respawns. 

    The game was very well received winning many awards in 2013 and scoring over 8/9 out of 10 on multiple reviewing websites.


    Why players are using War Thunder Hacks?

    There can be many reasons why people choose our War Thunder Hacks. One of the main reasons is because the community is very competitive and is hard to keep up with seasoned players that play this game for almost a decade, hence new players have to resort to our enhancing tools to keep up with the game. Some others use our products as a learning tool, to avoid calculating the damage and distance, as our cheat does that for you. Some people just want to see the world burn, they are using our hacks to make life hard on everyone. No matter the reason behind cheat purchasing, you will find on our website a 100% safe tool with full features, ready to use in any circumstances.


    Undetected War Thunder Hack 

    A few years ago, it was a piece of cake to cheat inside the game, but in 2019 the Easy-anti-Cheat system has been added to the game. That affected the market for the cheats, and all the amateur developers vanished. Luckily our team of developers is one of the finest on the internet, they have been fighting against EAC since it was launched. After years of finding loops in their protection, we can finally say that we managed to deliver a truly Undetected War Thunder Hack. Even after cracking open their protection, we do no rest. We will continue doing constant updates to our product, before purchasing or using you should always check our status page so you do not find yourself caught in one of the maintenance breaks. 


    Avoid Free War Thunder Cheats 

    Five years ago, it might have been possible to find safe and Free War Thunder Cheats as the game has next to zero protection, but with the addition of EAC, it has become quite difficult to cheat inside the game. Now you should stay clear of people who claim that they give you free hacks. In most cases, they are just trying to make a fool out of you, or in a worst-case scenario, they will send you malware and take control of your pc and steal your data. Buy only from old and serious suppliers such as ourselves.  


    Premium War Thunder Cheat 

    We have a single War Thunder cheat in our store as there is no need for any other. We have put all our effort into offering you a single product, with all the features possible, Aimbot, Wallhack/ESP, 2D Radar Hack and many more, and the best part is its’ price. We offer a completely safe tool for only 3$ per day. Is true that we sell it only in the monthly version, and if you do the math you will see the daily price. If you are scared of paying 90$ from the beginning, feel free to contact us for a free 24 hours trial key. 


    Untraceable War Thunder Aimbot

    Our War Thunder Aimbot comes with all the features required to win every battle, not matter if it is naval, aerial or ground. Marks such as Target Lock will keep your crosshair on the enemy until it is dead. Or if you are trying to clean up your enemies fast, Auto-Switch is the way to go as you will change your aim-assist automatically to the next target once your previous one is dead. TriggerBot is very important in this game also, as it will fire automatically if the enemy is within your range of fire. Other items: Magic Bullet, Lock on, Prediction, Smoothness, Visibility check and many more.  


    Complete War Thunder Wallhack and ESP 

    The War Thunder Wallhack allows you to see everything through any solid object, such as walls, vehicles, mountains and so on. It comes with a Visibility Check option, that shows you if an enemy can be shoot through the wall or not. 

    The War Thunder ESP comes as a finishing tool to the Wall, as it explains all the extra information that you see, you can see your enemies as skeletons or as 3D boxes with any colour of your liking. You can also choose to see the distance, name, health bars and many more of your enemies and vehicles. You also get access to Loot ESP, Item ESP, NPC ESP, PVP ESP and many more marks.


    External 2D War Thunder Radar Hack  

    The War Thunder Radar Hack manifests itself as an extra mini-map that displays any intel of your choosing. You can choose to see vehicles, players, loot and many more. It is extremely useful when you get the commander slot when you are playing Simulation Battles, as you can watch the entire battle map and be aware of anything that moves.