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  • Among Us Hacks by Veterancheats.com
    Undetected Among Us Cheats with Impostor ESP/Wallhack, Instant Kill and more!

    Veterancheats is the best place for working Public and Private Among Us hacks 💥 You can buy our Among Us Cheats with top notch security, something you will not find on the free Among Us hacks. You will also get Impostor ESP, radar hack, instant kill, all in one package. All our features are mentioned in the products page links below 💥

  • Win every game with our Among Us hacks - Dominate the public Lobbies and troll people

    If you're looking for the best Among Us hacks, you've come to the right place! This game is all about applying strategy to find which crew member is the imposter or tricking your crew into believing you're not one yourself. When using our hacks, it can make the game easier. It doesn't matter which side of the match you're on - you'll be able to dominate every game of Among Us and destroy the public lobbies!

    As the imposter, use ESP and radar to see if there are other players nearby. With our InstaKill feature, you'll be able to murder crew members quickly without anyone taking notice. This will allow you to slip away and become undetected. Also, track crew members with our Among Us wallhack to see all players, even if they are a ghost.


    As a crew member, you can instantly identity other imposters with our signature Among Us Imposter ESP function and track them with 2D and 3D radar so that you can avoid their every move. Combine this with our Among Us Vision and Proximity hack, you can see even with the lights are on and chat with the nearest ally, giving them pointers on where to go and when the imposter is nearby.

    What is the Among us game about?

    Among Us is a multiplayer video game, where you play as The Crew on a spaceship. Work together on this airship to carry out various mini-tasks throughout the map. Once completed, you will be able to depart with all of your crew members. However, one or two members are The Imposter trying to kill everyone on board and hinder your mission.

    As a crew member, you must respond quickly and avoid imposter's sabotages by checking the admin map and security cameras. If you find any dead bodies, report them immediately to discuss with all crew members and decide who the imposter is to eject them. You can also call in emergency meetings to discuss suspected behavior and vote members off of the ship. Our Among Us hacks will instantly reveal any impostor by showing their name tag which can ruin the gameplay experience if your friends find out, therefore we recommend you using this cheat only on random public lobbies with people you don't know.

    There are two ways crewmates can win:

    - All of the crew (including ghosts) have completed all of their tasks.

    - All imposters are eliminated from the game. As the imposter, your main objection is to kill crew members and oust bystanders. Pretend to perform tasks to confuse others and sneak through vents to move about while staying hidden. Use sabotages to cause distrusts and divide the crew. Also, close the doors to keep your kills secretive from others.

    There are two ways imposters win:
    - Crewmembers are being eliminated by leaving, being killed, or ejected until theycan no longer have a voting majority.
    - Performing critical sabotage that is not resolved in time by the crewmembers, resulting in a loss.


    The rise and fall of the Among Us game

    Among Us was released in 2018 and has rapidly grown in popularity. When it first launched, it had a small fanfare on Steam. It took roughly nine months to reach an average of 100 - 200 concurrent players on PC. It wasn't until the following year where it approached thousands of players. The game amassed a following of fans and attracted the attention of top Twitch and Youtube streamers, that even celebrities and politicians started to take notice. For example, Alexandria Ocasio Cortez and Ilhan Omar played the game on Twitch with famous streamers, which garnered 400,000 concurrent viewers. This made it one of the most viewed streams on Twitch of all time.

    On Saturday, August 1st, 2020, Among Us reached its all-time popularity on Steam, peaking at 438,524 players. Eventually, it would fall on the leaderboards for most played games on Steam, competing against thousands of other games. The biggest reason for its decline is the lack of content being released, especially after its explosive run, taking months for any new features or content.

    The delayed launch of the large airship map in early 2021, repetitive gameplay, and a host of technical issues are leaving players impatient and angry. The biggest excuse for the lack of content was the source code of Among Us being buggy. Innersloth has admitted that the game was developed sloppily, leaving a tons of bugs - that even a tiny change could lead to other problems that need to be patched.

    This gives us insight into why Inner sloth has had slow development, but that's not an excuse for the lack of content to add freshness to gameplay.


    What features from our Among Us cheat is popular?

    The most popular functions are the Impostor ESP, Instakill and the 2D Radar. This will help you know where both crew members and the imposter are at with little to no effort. You will be able to survive every match and impress other players. Get the headstart you need since most of the game requires you to understand positioning and strategy to win.

    If you're the imposter, you will love our Among Us Instant Kill hack. You can remove the kill cooldown timer, allowing you to murder crewmates back to back. But, this only works as an imposter in-game. And If you want to cause chaos, our Among Us Infinite Sabotage will leave crew members confused in a matter of minutes, allowing you to win the match with ease. Occasionally, you may be in the mood of just playing imposter. With our Make Me Imposter cheat, continue to cause havoc and give crew members the violence they deserve as they attempt to finish tasks and flee with the ship.


    As a crew member, you have to be suspicious of every player and their every move. This can be a tedious process that requires you to have long-term memory to account for everyone. With imposter ESP, you can spot imposters and reverse sabotages as they happen. You can also disable kills and door cooldown to become a god in your own right. Win every match you encounter and climb the leaderboards! also have fun by ruining other people experiences.


    Among Us news and 2021 Updates

    It appears that that the developers are starting to take note of its decline in popularity and taking action to bring new content. Below, we'll detail some of the updates in 2021 and what to expect for the future of Among Us.

    Among Us Airship: The new Airship map has been receiving positive reception since its release. Thanks to its large size, it requires more teamwork from crewmembers, making it deadly. You must know every nook, cranny, and vent location on the ship. The benefit is that imposters will find it easier to work together as a team. The only way to counter this advantage without any experience regarding the new airship is to buy our Among Us hack and vote the impostors out the ship, in order to win the game. You can easily track the impostor's by looking at their ESP Tag, so avoid engaging them alone while doing your tasks.

    Among Us Roadmap 2021: The developers released a content roadmap which details changes and updates they want to make to bring new content to the game. It's exciting news if you're an Among Us fan and continues to support the game. Fans can expect 15 player support, new colors, and a graphics update. Afterward, Innersloth will work on a new map, account linking, new roles, and different ways to play.

    Among Us Chicken Nugget sold for $100,000: The Among Us Chicken Nugget was initially found in a Mcdonald's BTS meal and was posted on eBay by a seller named Polizna in late May. Within two days, the price was driven up to almost $30,000. There absolutely nothing remarkable about it besides it being shaped like a crewmate!


    Among Us cheats popularity in 2021

    The game popularity had went down with the rise of the free Among Us hacks that were spreading on internet for free like crazy. Luckily the game company has combated this by adding Easy Anticheat to the game and killed off most of the free cheats. This means that only our Among Us cheats and very few other providers can provide you with a working product now days that actually work for this game. 


    The rest of free cheats that you search on the internet nowdays are just fake softwares that will harm your pc, which comes from unknown and untrusted providers so don't take the bait, only buy legit and working Among Us Hacks from our website or other trusted providers that has a solid reputation.


    Don't download free Among Us hacks if you care about your computer

    It's dangerous to download and install free Among Us hacks created by amateur developers that know absolutely nothing coding. First of all, these free cheats won't deliver on their guarantees since they are poorly coded and will get detected easily by anti-cheating software. The developers lack a proper understanding of in-game mechanics, so the software is often limited and doesn't have all the features you expect, such as ESP and Radar hacks. And if the anti-cheating software doesn't catch you first, then your computer will suffer instead.

    When downloading these free hacking tools, you're at risk of malware and other malicious code that will leave your personal information in jeopardy. Remember the old saying: You get what you pay for!


    Why should you buy the Among Us Hacks which are coded by the Veteran Cheats team instead ?

    Are you looking for an elite class of developers with 5+ years of experience building lightweight and highly effective Among Us hacking tools along with other 30 available games? Well, look no further than Veteran Cheats! We formed Veteran Cheats to offer our customers exclusive both public and private cheats with an emphasis on user security.

    Our team has been a part of many cheat sites and understands the struggles of finding reputable hacking software that doesn't brick your PC or get your account banned within a few minutes. With us, you're getting renowned software engineers who develop hacks for dozens of games, allowing our customers to dominate other players with ease while skirting past anti-cheating software and in-game developers.