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  • Modern Warfare 3¬†Hacks and Cheats with Aimbot, ESP/Wallhack

    Get our¬†Modern Warfare 3 hacks¬†NOW at a reasonable price. Inside our cheat menu you will find a lot of fully functional features such as Aimbot, Esp, Wallhack, 2D Radar, Unlock Camo and more!ūüí•Our¬†COD MW3 hack¬†will help you lead the battlefield while staying undetected from the Anti-cheat. Click below to checkout our products!¬†

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  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Cheats¬†

    Even though Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is out as beta for now, The Modern Warfare 3 cheats and hacks have already appeared. The motivations behind this trend can largely be attributed to the highly competitive nature of the game's community. Players are often focused on dominating their opponents, sometimes to the point of creating a somewhat toxic culture. Many individuals have become reluctant to play without assistance, fearing they might not be good enough. The pursuit of fun has, for some, taken a backseat to the sole desire to win. While competitiveness is not inherently wrong, some players have taken it to a toxic level. Before resorting to cheating, consider experiencing the campaign and immersing yourself in the captivating story that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 offers. 

    If you're determined to outperform and outwit the competitive, sometimes toxic, community in the game, we've got you covered with the best products in the market. Our MW3 cheats are equipped with a range of features designed to give you an edge.


    How Do We Keep Our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Hacks Undetected? 

    The effectiveness of our Warfare 3 hacks is attributed to the expertise of our development team. With over 8 years of experience in this franchise, we have developed an injection method that is more advanced than any other product we offer in our store. The anti-cheat measures employed by the game's security systems are unlikely to detect our MW3 Hacks unless they somehow obtain access to our code. Despite the high level of security, we offer our product at one of the most competitive prices in the market. It's important to remember that if you want to ensure your safety while using any cheat, it's wise not to play too blatantly, as excessive reports can still get you in trouble. If you don't mind the risk or consequences, you can always create a new account, use our built-in spoofer, and resume your competitive gaming without interruptions. 


    What Features Can Be Found Inside the Warfare 3 Hack Menu? 

    The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Aimbot  

    Also known as Aim-Assist, is a fundamental feature of any hack. It significantly enhances your aiming abilities, ensuring you're always on target, regardless of how many enemies you're facing. Features include FOV Circle, No Sway, Infinite Ammo, No Spread, No Recoil, Trigger Bot, Humanized Aimbot prediction and more. 

    The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 ESP and Wallhack  

    This feature offers essential details such as the healthbars of your enemies, their distance, loadout specifics, and information about various items they are carrying. The Wallhack enables users to discern whether an opponent can be shot through a wall, offering a substantial edge in strategically outmaneuvering everyone who might dare to challenge you. By presenting data on enemy health bars, distance metrics, load-outs, and available items. This tool further enhances situational awareness and tactical decision-making during gameplay. The distinct advantage it provides becomes particularly evident when identifying opportunities to engage opponents hidden behind any kind of obstacles, thereby elevating the player's ability to gain a strategic upper hand. 

    The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Radar Hack  

    The 2D in-built Radar system serves a similar purpose to the ESP but displays information on a mini-map, ensuring you don't get caught watching your enemies through walls. 

    The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 in-built Spoofer 

    Our software comes with an in-built spoofer that allows you to bypass any ban and remove shadow bans.

    The Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Boosting and Unlock All 

    This comes with the option to boost your weapons and your friends’ weapons through a custom lobby with EXP Multiplier. Or you can simply use the unlock all only for yourself and unlock all weapons in the game. 


    Complete feature list of our COD MW 3 Aimbot

    Magic Bullet: Your bullets relentlessly pursue the target. 

    Lock-On: Maintain a constant lock on your enemy until they are eliminated. 

    Prediction: Achieve 100% precision in hitting moving targets. 

    Smoothness: Ensure your aim appears natural and seamless. 

    Visibility Check: Determine whether a target can be shoot through walls. 

    Auto-Switch: Automatically switch to the next target upon an enemy's defeat. 

    Hold Target: Steady your aim on the same target, minimizing recoil. 

    FOV Circle: Define the aim assist activation area (recommended at 90 degrees). 

    Custom Aim Key: Assign any mouse button or key for aim activation. 

    Bone Selection: Choose a specific bone for precise targeting. 

    No Recoil: Eliminate gun recoil for enhanced accuracy. 

    No Spread: Ensure all bullets hit the same point. 

    No Sway: Maintain stability for actions like unlimited stamina, holding breath, and shooting while running. 

    Custom Crosshair: Create your unique crosshair design in the game. 

    Triggerbot: Automatically fires at the target when in view. 


    Complete Feature list of COD MW 3 ESP and Wallhack  

    • Player/Loot ESP Button: Activate Player visualization¬†
    • Player/Loot ESP Type: Choose between 3D box, 2D box, or None for displaying 3D boxes, 2D boxes, or no boxes¬†
    • Player/Loot Name: Enable the display of names¬†
    • Player/Loot Distance: Show the distance to Player/Loot¬†
    • Player/NPC/Loot/Zombie ESP Max Distance: Set the maximum distance for Player/NPC/Loot/Zombie display¬†


    Why Choose Us?

    Unlike other providers, you can contact our support staff anytime, even before making a purchase. All additional services are free after your initial purchase. We're here to guide, educate, and ensure you can enjoy the progress you make with our products. Our COD MW 3 cheats are 100% safe and undetected. Our support is immediate. If you're still uncertain, give us a chance, and we'll make it worth your while.