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  • What’s all the hype about Outriders and how many people use Outriders hacks ?

    On April 1, 2021, the much-anticipated looter shooter game from People Can Fly, Outriders, was finally released after months of delays. The game’s large demo was received with cheers and jeers from major publications such as Forbes, as well as gamers. However, there were some things that took people by surprise when the version was released. Most notably, there were the server issues, bugs, and Outriders hacks along with the free Outriders trainers, that already got released shortly after the game launch. They really seemed to overshadow all of the hype that surrounded the game. Nevertheless, the game did receive a great deal of praise despite the bugs and cheating scandal.

    The mission of Outriders is to survive on a planet that was established as a new home for human beings. Players are given a mixture of capabilities and weapons in order to fight to survive. They need to learn how to live on the new planet. But, this wasn’t as spectacular as promised. Although the storyline of the game may not be as exhilarating as hoped for, the combat does make up for that. For example, Blaine Smith from Gamers Heroes said that “the combat is refreshingly brilliant from start to finish.”, while Joe Apsey said that the “combat really is the shining star of Outriders.”

    Not only is the combat exceptional, but so is the gear. As you progress through the world-tiers, you have an increased chance of getting rare items and legendaries. This means that you can fully develop your character and customize your armor and weapons. This awesome feature makes it possible to really fine-tune your build and the way that you want to play. There are 4 classes to choose from, each with their own unique abilities and class tree. Furthermore, you don’t need armor plats or potions in order to heal. You heal with each kill or attack. 


    Outriders Policy On Cheating and Hacking

    Since the launch of the demo, cheating and hacking IN Outriders has been a topic of serious debate. As such, the makers of the game have outlined their policies regarding cheating. By the time that the game reached 2 million players, the makers had already identified 200 players who had unquestionably cheated. There are some repercussions for cheating. If it has been determined that you have been using cheats, the following will apply:

    - The repercussions will impact your entire account, not just one character.
    - You won’t be able to matchmake with legitimate players.
    - It’s pretty likely that matchmaking will take a lot longer.
    - You’ll still be permitted to play on your own.
    - After you’ve been identified, your HUD will be hit with a discreet, yet visible watermark.

    The accounts of all players were inspected for evidence of cheating on the day that the game launched, which was April 1, 2021. Inspections are done on a regular basis. Any logs that have been determined to involve cheating on or after launch will be branded permanently. For the players who cheated on demo day but want to proceed unbranded on the main game, they can do so by deleting all characters and items on the account.

    Doing so will completely clean your account, and you shouldn’t carry any progress from your demo over to the main game if you have previously cheated. This won’t be possible once you’ve started playing the main game. That is why it’s always best to use our premium Outriders cheats instead the free Outriders hacks which give you instant ban. The chances of you getting detected is slim to none since we are constantly updating our software to elude detection from Outriders Easy Anti Cheat (EAC) software. EAC claims to be the leading anti-cheating service, but we constantly coming out on top as the first ever Outriders hack tool! 


    Outriders News & Updates

    In recent news, Outriders have been outputting a wealth of updates to fix the many bugs within the game. The developers have vowed to release patches since their rough launch. The most notable ones are the performance issues with PCs, including the FPS (frames-per-second) lag and constant disconnections. For consoles, they’ve recently improved the loading times and performance improvements for co-op games with friends or family. Despite all of the benefits that come with the console version of the game, PC Outriders players are having a bit of a harder time.

    In fact, the reviews of the PC version are noticeable harsher, which is kind of understandable. It is an always-online game and it isn’t capable of being fully playable due to the server issues. They have made it impossible to play cooperatively. PC Gamer’s Morgan Park gave the PC version of Outriders a scathing review, saying that the storyline wasn’t impressive and because co-op isn’t really an option, the storyline is really the only experience that those who play on their computers can get.


    What kind of Outriders cheats are available in our store?

    Now that you have an overview of the game and know a little bit about some of the latest news and
    updates, if you’re interested in playing Outriders yourself, you might be wondering if there are any
    cheats available. Let’s take a look at some of the basic features.

    - The Outriders ESP function, also called Extra Sensory Perception (ESP) which can give you the upper hand in the game. It gives you a chance to see items, NPCs, and even players through the terrain and walls. It can also display info, such as the names of players, their health stats, and even where they are looking.

    - The Outriders Aimbot function which is able to lock onto the closest player who is visible to you and to remain locked on so then you can quickly take them down. With Aimbot, you’ll be guaranteed to get a headshot on each shot you take. This, in turn, will boost your kill-to-death ration and boost your rankings.

    - Outriders No recoil: Every shooter game has recoil weapons. This means that for every shot you take, your weapon will recoil. With this cheat, you won’t have to hold your gun steady on every shot you take. Each bullet you release will make a dead center hit.

    - Outriders Infinite Ammo / No Reload: When playing Outriders, you may find yourself having to
    run and reload, especially if you are playing early on in the game when the mods hit hard. With
    Infinite Ammunition, you won’t run out of bullets and you will be able to grind without stopping or
    being interrupted by your gun. This is great for high-DPS classes, such as Techno.

    - Outriders Speed Hack: This allows you to rush through both the early and end game content
    with our speed hack. It gives you the ability to loop mods and bosses without having to worry
    about getting hit. You can speed your way through the entire game, even expeditions.

    - Outriders Super Damage: Are you tired of not having enough damage on high-health mods? Or
    maybe a boss is giving you a tough time and you’re ready to blast through. With Super Damage,
    blast through any enemy in the game and outperform any legendaries. Super-charge your ability
    to farm mods and bosses for top-tier gear, weapons and armor.

    - Outriders Anomaly Power: Anomaly Power is an essential stat in Outriders that directly affects
    your skill damage. If you’re eager to min-max your character build, you can manipulate your
    Anomaly Power directly with our hacking tool and boost your power to your liking. There is
    absolutely nothing you cannot do!

    Our premium Outriders trainer also includes the cheats below:
    - Visibility
    - Infinite health
    - One-hit-kill
    - Edit armor
    - Legendary drops 


    What kind of features are popular with our Outriders cheats?

    If you’re looking to give your outrider a boost in power to make endgame expeditions go quicker and smoother, you may be interested in our Outriders cheats new functions that were implemented recently. Take advantage of our popular tool to skyrocket your gameplay and make yourself overpowered. Below are some of our most popular functions:

    - Infinite Health: With Infinite Health, you can take much more damage from mods without having feeling stagnated, especially early on in the game. Through expeditions, scaling your health is essential if you want to pass-by each level. Otherwise, you’ll be left stuck hard-grinding like normal players.

    - Legendary Drops: Now that the Outriders developers have patched up most of the exploits to get an infinite amount of legendary weapons and armor, our hacking tool will fix that issue in no  time. With our Outriders legendary drops exploit, you can acquire an infinite amount of legendary gear and weapons.

    - Infinite World tiers: Instead of rushing through story modes or grinding lower world-tiers, you can use the infinite world tier cheat to push through each tier easily and increase your drop rates for endgame gear to dominate expeditions.

    - Infinite Expeditions: Tired of getting crushed by expeditions? Or do you find the grind difficult? Our hacking tool handles all of your concerns by allowing our customers to increase their expedition levels without having to sit for hours getting crushed by enemies. Breeze through all of the maps and tiers with a snap of the finger. Become an elite outrider without having to put in much work!

    - One-hit-kill: If you’ve been playing Outriders, the first thing you’ll notice is how high the health pools are of both mini-bosses and big-bosses are. If you find yourself having a hard time handling any of these enemies, you’ll be able to turn the tables and one-hit-kill anything in your way. 


    Why you shouldn’t use free Outriders trainers or free Outriders cheats!

    You might be tempted to use the free Outriders trainers or cheats you find on youtube or google, but despite the temptation, you really need to resist. Why? Because those free Outriders cheats extremely ineffective, so they probably won’t work. Even worse, they’re very susceptible to potential viruses which can lead to major issues with your pc. Using them can increase the risk of you being banned. Don't fall for those free Outriders hacks downloads links and instead try out our premium tool.