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  1. hi, ive been using veteran cheats for awhile now and started to use it with Call of Duty Cold War. everything worked great but aimbot use with a controller never seemed to work even with keysticks ect. but the Call Of Duty Vanguard Boomer menu works GREAT with controller !! for whos wondering. no other apps needed. it just works 🙂 thought i would put this here for the people that wanna know if its controller is supported
  2. hello. ive bought the ColdWar hack and tried it.. as i only play with controller i needed to use ''reWASD'' (keysticks at first but that didnt work at all on keyboard/mouse setup option ingame) now i can basically get the controller working on keyboard and mouse option in coldwar. but i still cant get the hotkey for aimbot working on the controller.. (hack works. just not aimbot) so if anyone uses a controller on coldwar with the hack, please help me with this one. been trying it for days but can not get it to work hope someone can help me .
  3. hello im new here and i wanna tryout the coldwar mods. but only way i can pay is with paypal but i dont see the option. anyway i can still buy ?