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  1. Habe gesehen, das ihr auch Deutsch spricht, hätte ich mir das englisch schreiben sparren können, wollte mal wissen ob es auch ein Wochenschlüssel von D2 Pro gibt, und ob mann cheat Probleme auch euch im Discord schreiben kann?
  2. actually works the spoofer again from the HLBOT tool it was discovered by Bungie. Or does the Instant Respanw function only work with the spoofer?
  3. No, unfortunately not, I walk around the world normally and when I press the button for instant respawn nothing happens, otherwise everything else works that it does not work in the nightfall and in the raid I know: D
  4. Yes, characters are completely normal on Steam, only the instant respawn doesn't work anymore. If I die, I also stay in bed
  5. hello I wanted to give a short notice vl can you pass it on to the dev that instant respawn no longer works
  6. sry, i meant with Destiny Pro the ability control doesn’t work it makes the game crash. And instant respawn is unfortunately no longer possible, I just wanted to report that
  7. Hello, I just wanted to tell you that there are problems with Destiny 2 HLBOT if you turn the super / capabilities knob to 2 or stop, the game is smeared directly and instant respawn is unfortunately no longer possible, but otherwise the hack is super good and works
  8. Hi wanted to ask if the Destiny 2 hack works again despite battleye, because the status says works