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  1. So when i run the loader it says to open the loader with a app like internet explorer when before it just launched. i dont know whats wrong and i need support please contact me on discord. xdabiel#0441. Becasue i didnt get support for a while i decided to try to fix by myself and now my discord isnt working but i will use through my phone please help fast me and my friend were planning on playing today
  2. yes i did thank yo so much for the support!
  3. So i bought valorant gama but when i bought it it said to wait a while for it to process and i have waited and nothing is showing up? what do i do here bruh
  4. So i bought valorant gama after seeing the status page and when i loaded in it the cheat was not working so im assuming thats becasue its updating or down. Anyways i couldnt use my key at all and depending on how long youll think it will take i would really just like a rust ares key instead maybe with extended time becasue valorant gama is 10 euro more expensive. please contact me on discord
  5. hey, for gama valorant if i record/clip gameplay will the injected cheat have problems?
  6. so I bought a Ares rust key yesterday and I couldn't use it at all because the cheat was updating but on the status page it said working. I thought this problem would be ok if it only took a few hours to update the cheat but it is 3 hours away from my 24 hour key fully going away and I could play with working cheats at all. I was just wondering if i can get a replacement key when Ares is back up? because I couldn't use it at all
  7. how come when i load into a rust server with engel cheat, after 20-30 minutes the esp and aimbot stops working?
  8. Im banned on valorant error code 152 or something does the spoofer work thats on the store is it up right now? to get unbanned
  9. i have it on borderless mode and have no second monitor etc. this is the second key i could use at all whats going on?
  10. Is the Rust ENgel cheat updating? becasue of the new rust update? if so can i get more time or get a new engel rust key? becasue i barely used mine
  11. yes it did so do you need to upodate it?
  12. i loaded rust and the menu shows up but the cheats arent working will it take a while to update the cheats after the new update? if so can i get some more time or something on my key becasue i barely used it
  13. I got banned on valorant a while ago and was wondering when that spoofer will come out or if there is any way i can get unbanned, preferablly not from waiting if thats possible becasue ive been banned for a long time