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  1. def is something wrong with the cheese, if i have it on my shots do not conect and when i play without i can play and kill people.
  2. noo it's not because of my aim. I stand behind an enemie and shot and no hit marker. I testet it about 20 times, its like i shot against a wall infront of me.. esp i will try today again and see if i can solve it.
  3. wast of money just now! shots do not connect. ESP is well off of target.
  4. ok. my game keeps crashing and I got banned second time just now in 2 days. I used BE spoofer.
  5. Is dayz really working? Supp said it’s updating after i got banned.. and you still have it as working.
  6. this knorr that is online now is very helpful... thanks! but still we cant get it working
  7. Yes.. he just never has time. Or doesn‘t write back. At first he tried helping a little bit but now nothing... thisafternoon he said in 10min but he never helped me. Dont get me wrong i like knorr he helped me alot in the past but at the moment it‘s driving me crazy.
  8. no nothing.... all overlay is off, secure boot, antivirus uninstalled..
  9. Guys I really started good with u. I told all my friends about you and all of them bought from here too. Supp was allways great. But I have been waiting now for 3 days for support on discord... pls maybe here I will finally get it! I know u guys are busy but still.... I paid
  10. can someone tell me how i can open loader for Insanity EFT? trying to do it since 3 days does not work... cant figure it out with supp either...
  11. Purchased a couple of keys allready. Quite easy to install and works most of the time (sometimes bugs a little bit). Today was the first time that it didn't work.? Have to say that the site is trust worthy and the Admins are very very helpfull when you need the help. Good Job