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  1. Just purchased today, loaded up, got into my first game using the menu, didnt even get into a fight and i got banned wish i actually got to use the menu but i guess thats the risk, more money gone....
  2. have the aimbot turned to "ON" and then the aimbot button as "MBUTTON" put the FOV on too, it will help you know when some one is in the aimbot radius
  3. so im trying to download the loader and it isnt downloading, i go to the link and press save file but it wont download, my anti virus is turned off and so is my firewall, any idea?
  4. as soon as i purchased this yesterday the game got updated so i never got to use the menu, any chance of some added time or a refund? getting unlucky with these menus lol
  5. thats fairenough but my 24 hour will probably run out by then sadly
  6. run loader as admin, do all the steps load game and nothing happens when i press insert, i presume the update has broke the menu? might have to move to a different website, i have so much hope for you guys
  7. okay, glad to see i want left wondering, just sad i wasted money aha oh well working another 14 hours shift today so will earn it back
  8. Hey, i have done everything the tutorial says but i cant use the menu, if i press insert a second menu opens but nothing works