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  1. The "instant respawn" is not working on my PC either. Even with all armor mod removed it still doesn't work, I don't use it on gm or raid.
  2. The aimbot will aim not only at enemies but also at allies. Is there any way to solve this?
  3. I did not use any special symbols in the steam name.
  4. "infinite ammo," "no recoil," "automatic weapons," "rate of fire," "skill recharge," "ultimate recharge" crashes after a few minutes when used. Until a few days ago it worked fine. I do not know what the problem is.
  5. If you use "infinite ammo," "no recoil," "automatic weapons," or "rate of fire" in a pve, it will crash within minutes. No video can be taken.
  6. If you use the cheat, it will crash in a few minutes. Does anyone else have the same symptoms?
  7. Thanks, I changed the steam name and it worked! However, it crashes after a few hours of play. Instant respawn is not working.
  8. Instant respawn is not working either.
  9. I asked this question a few days ago, but for the past two weeks, when I use "Skill Recharge" or "Ultimate Recharge", the game crashes. Will there be a fix yet?
  10. Still not fixing the crash issue when using Skill Recharge and Ultimate Recharge?
  11. I tested it myself, and the game crashes when I use spell recharge and ultimate recharge. Other than that, the game did not crash when I used them.
  12. I think it crashes if you select the cheat available in the pro version. I hope it will be fixed soon.
  13. After today's update, the game crashes if you choose to cheat.
  14. The game can be launched, but it crashes when I select a cheat from the menu.
  15. I was able to use it until yesterday, but suddenly I can't log in to the loader. If you enter the key code, the loader will close automatically.
  16. The status screen says "working". Did the crash go away?
  17. thank you for your answer. However, did not heal even if the confirmation of the game file.
  18. After today's update, using cheats will cause the game to crash. Until then, it was comfortable to use. Do you have any measures?